Well, this is it -- the techno-challenged me will be attempting to import a photo of the Bauble Jar bracelet I keep talking about.  Let's hope it works!  After that it's time for bed -- my girls had an Irish dance competition (or feis, pronounced "fesh") this weekend and we're ALL tired.  Tomorrow's Monday.  What better day to start making a new bracelet? Let me know what you think about Bauble Jar.  Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this bracelet style and have been dying for a necklace like this. Can't say that white pearls are my style but the bracelet is gorgeous. Does this mean scrapbooking is taking a back seat to beads and charms?

Cori O'B
Fellow crafter but diehard scrapbooker

Our Hopeful Home said...

Ha -- LOL. Glad you like the bracelet. Feel free to tell me more about your vision of a necklace. Who knows, maybe I can make it for you? And don't worry, I will find a way SOMEHOW to do both scrapbooking and jewelry making. Thanks for the support!

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