January Magazines' Jewelry Picks

January 17, 2010

It's slim pickins out there.  Unimpressed with what I saw in my usual fashion magazines, I added a few others and still came up with only a few picks that I'd promote.  

In Style magazine had the few picks I liked.  One of them is www.skinnystyle.com.  Their two hot items in my book are:
  • "Floating" Double Finger Rings for $38.00 (as worn by Rihanna in In Style's photo).
  • Large domed beaded "Finger Candy" rings with pearls for $60.00.   
The next pick is www.archivejewelry.com.  Beautiful vintage-inspired brass jewelry that I loved.  My favorites are:
  •  Bird Tag Necklace for $107.00.
  • Vintage Watch and Charms for $136.00.
  • Love Knot Bracelet for $99.00.
The last pick I liked was www.waxingpoetic.com. They do initials, lots of initials.  Which I love.  My faves are:
  • Miniature Crest Insignia charm in sterling for $25.00.
  • Square Charm Bracelet (LOVE THIS!) for $130.00.
  • Miniature Crest Ring in sterling for $38.00. 
Hopefully next month's glam update will have a bit more to choose from.  Ciao.

"I can live for two months on a good compliment."
~ Mark Twain

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