Precious Heirlooms

January 13, 2010

I made this necklace quite some time ago.  I glazed the initial into the pendant and then added the chain.  As simple as that.  I've gotten many compliments on it -- people even ask me if it's a  family heirloom.  I thought that was kind of neat, since I love all things vintage.

I really want to add these to my Etsy shop, but I'm having trouble finding a source for the pendants.  The one pictured is "Patera Jewelry" by Nunn Designs.  I got their catalog and they have SO many pendants and bracelets that can be glazed, etc.  Problem is, they only accept orders of $100.00 or more.  Do I really need $100.00 worth of pendants right now?   No.  So now I'm just trying to find another place to buy them.  If anyone has any answers, please comment and let me know.  I really can't wait to get started on more precious heirlooms.

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 "To trust yourself to test your limits.  That is the courage to succeed."
~ Bernard Edmonds

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Anonymous said...

Nunn Design is a wholesale manufacturer and does not sell retail, but if you go to their website you will find many on-line sites and brick and mortar stores that sell their line with no minimum purchase requirement.

Our Hopeful Home said...

Thanks so much for the info -- I can't wait to check it out!

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