Sundance-inspired Chain Drop Earrings Tutorial

March 26, 2010

As promised, my first tutorial, so bear with me folks!  I haven't even made any earrings yet but these cried out to me from the latest Robert Redford Sundance catalog:

I tried making the photo larger but it got all fuzzy on me so sorry.  Anyway, LoVe these earrings!  Don't you?

To start, I pulled together the following:


2 eyepins
2 beads
4 spacers
4 lengths of chain, each 1 1/2"
10 decorative jump rings
4 larger decorative jump rings
2 earwires

First you place the eyepin through one spacer, then the bead, then another spacer.  Now cut the wire left sticking out and use your round nose pliers to bend it into another "eye" or closed loop.  Then add your first 2 decorative jump rings and the two larger jump rings, one on each side.

Now you add two more decorative jump rings and then attach your two 1 1/2" of chain, one on each side like this:

Last but not least you gather the chains together and place them into your last decorative jump ring and close it.  Now hang that jump ring on the earwire and gently squeeze it closed.  Then, repeat the whole thing again and voila' ~ here they are:

The possibilities are endless depending on what beads, chains and jump rings you choose to use.  Me, I take apart old necklaces for chain remnants and I also take apart actual chains for "custom-made" jump rings.  If I like it, it's going in!  So make your own version and send me the pics so I can share them.  Just click on My Profile in the right sidebar and then e-mail them to me :)  The same goes for any questions you may have.  Feel free to ask!

Hope you enjoyed my first attempt at a tutorial.  I'll keep 'em coming.  I think. lol.  Ciao for now.

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