Sundance Holidays are Heeere!

November 16, 2010

I know I'm all about handmade now you all know my weakness for Sundance.  Their holiday catalog just arrived and I'm in heaven!  So sit back with a cuppa somethin' and strap in  ~ here goes.  (And yes, my shoe fetish is glaringly obvious, AGAIN!)

 Fleece-lined handwarmers. Yummy.

Snowflake Trapper Hat

Alandra Ankle Boots

Jane Austen Ballet Flats 

Old Gringo Lone Star Gaia Boots

 Pajar Highlander Plaid Boots

Donegal Sweater Coat

Okay, so maybe I wouldn't wear the sock monkey hat, but I'd sure as heck wear that sweater!  Come to think of it, I kind of like the Applique Snowflake Tee she's wearing, too...comes in three colors....ooohhh she's wearing the boots, too......what's that?  Sorry~ back to reality.  Let's just say that the sweater is at the top of my Christmas list. (Hello.....Mr. anybody listening?) 

I dare you to check out their catalog and NOT find something you love!  And good luck with that list....

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ChRiS said...

LOL@ that monkey cap....ok that is cute but like you not sure i could wear that out in mom still has my cap that has a face & pigtails on the back of the cap...i must ask for that to put in my spare room

Bella said...

Oh my goodness, those RED boots, are AMAZING, no wonder you are in LOVE,,, :)

Just stopping by to say hello, and I am sending you an email, with a HUGE HUGE HUGE favor, to ask.

Take care, Kathleen!!!

mjaguilera said...

They have so many tasteful items for the Winter, I adore every piece!

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