White Wednesday (and I Don't Mean Snow)

December 14, 2010

Although we HAVE had our first snow, what with being in the Midwest and all.......

As for White Wednesday, I've been eyeing these beauties for a while and thought I'd share them with you.

All photos courtesy of, you guessed it, Pottery Barn.  Not a lot of mystery with me, I confess.

 Can't you just feel the softness and the warmth of these?  I've been noticing these "faux" fur throws gaining popularity lately.  Makes me want to curl up by the fire with a good book.  

I think these pillows would be just smashing with the throws. Talk about indulgence.

I've always been a sucker for monograms.

I brought home two of these babies from the thrift shop, although they were painted different colors and not just white.  My family thought I was a little bit nuts and said that they were "scary" looking!  Little did they know that I had it in mind to paint them white......if they end up looking like this I think they'll look quite nice.

In my other life I used to be a frame-a-holic.  My tastes have evolved over time, so some of my old frames don't exactly go with our current decor. THIS frame, however, would be quite welcome in our home today!

And as for that snow, we're ready for it.  You have to be if you live out here in this perpetual Winter Wonderland ~  where we have snow on the ground from November through March (and sometimes April!).  Now if I just had one of those scrumptious white fur throws to get me through the winter......maybe it's not too late to add to my Christmas list?  Wherever you are, stay warm.  Enjoy the snow if you have it.  And have a great week.

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Tricia said...

I have one of those brown furry throws from Pottery Barn and let me tell you, it is quite cozy and wonderful, you should indulge yourself.

We have lots of snow too and I am beyond the point of enjoying it ;)

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