White Wings and Trophy Cups

June 3, 2011

Yesterday while driving to my son's end-of-year field trip, I spotted a store that gave me pause.  "Community Thriftstore" it said. Since we live a half hour away and don't frequent that town I had never seen it before.  Needless to say I was thinking about that store the entire time we were on the field trip!  So of course we stopped there on the way home.

The place was h-u-g-e!  We didn't have a lot of time to spend, but I did find this little beauty.

I added the shredded paper and paper butterflies (thank you, Jen @ Jenniferrizzo {dot} com ~ Blogger's not letting me link up!) made from vintage book paper.

I know it's small for a "trophy cup", (okay, some might say it's more of a two handled cup) but I've been wanting one for a long time.  They're pretty hard to find and they're so expensive.  This, however, was not!

Chickadee Number 3 got a Beanie Baby.  And we both left happy.

Have a great weekend!

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Karena said...

A great find Kathleen!! It is really beautiful~

Art by Karena

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The Charm of Home said...

This is great Kathleen. I love the trophy and the way you styled it. Thanks for linking it up!

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Kathleen, Funny how shredded paper is the perfect accent to any vintage piece. I borrowed my SIL's plain strip shredder and have shredded sheet music, pattern tissue paper, dictionary pages... brown paper...all with lovely results! Great find!

KimMalk said...

What a cute trophy cup, Kathleen. I know what you mean, they seem hard to find. By the time I'm done w/field trips, I'm usually too tired to stop anywhere!

Privet and Holly said...

friend! Now,
THIS is the stuff
that I.just.love.
Great score!! I
think I'm more
rustic-elegant than
pure rustic : )
I have a little
trophy collection
and it works great
in my hubby's office
with the stone fireplace
and leather club
Happy Monday,
xx Suzanne

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Love this treasure- you scored on finding that and love how you have it styled! Thanks for sharing this at FNF :)

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