A DIY Chalkboard and a Free Valentine's Day Chalkboard Printable!

January 25, 2015

Valentine's Chalkboard Printable

First off, I really need your help.

 I have an awesome chalkboard
and it's Brand. Spanking. New.

Never been used. It was originally an oval mirror I picked up at a thrift
store. I turned it into a chalkboard for my jewelry show at The Festival
of the Vine in Geneva, IL. But it didn't sell so I got to bring it home with
me. Here's the before shot taken in my garage.

oval etched mirror

And here it is at the show, in a basket all wrapped up with a big burlap bow
 (which is hidden by one of my hand made pillows in front of it).

large oval chalkboard

I recently hung it up on the wall just next to our kitchen. Please try to
ignore the awful patch job the prior owners left us when we bought the
house. Oddly enough, they hung a big old pot rack on the wall. I've seen
them hanging from the ceiling, but not on the wall. Anyway, it's a real hub
area for the family so I thought I could keep it fresh with seasonal/holiday
sentiments throughout the year.  Only problem is, I haven't been able to
decide on any Valentine's chalkboard art just yet. There is SO much
inspiration online that it's almost overwhelming.

I've mentioned that I'm not a huge Valentine's Day decorator, so this has to
be pretty low key. (Read: not a lot of hearts and sappy sentiments.) That
doesn't leave me with a lot to choose from. Here are a few that I've been
thinking of (in no particular order):

1. Love the Little Things 

2. Let All That You Do Be Done in Love

3. All You Need is Love

4. You Make My Heart Sing

5. I Belong With You, You Belong With Me,
  You're My Sweetheart (The Lumineers)

So, what's your vote?
Do you have something better?
Please let me know in the comments!

Secondly, I became obsessed with Valentine's chalkboard art while researching
this project, and I ended up creating one of my own designs in PicMonkey. I haven't
seen the saying anywhere else in blogland, so I think I may have come up with it all
by my own little self! I thought it quite appropriate for Valentine's Day, and I wanted to
share it with you!

Valentine's Chalkboard Printable

It's from an Elizabeth Barrett Browning sonnet and you can DOWNLOAD it here.
I think it would look nice in a frame on your foyer table or on the mantle. 

Low key. That's my Valentine's Day style.

What's yours?

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty, Kathleen! Your vignette at the show is lovely! I can't believe it didn't sell. One never knows! I love it hanging in your kitchen. The Valentine printable is perfect!

Kate @ Eating in the Shower Blog said...

I think "Love the Little Things" is my favorite!

Jazmine Lopez said...

That is such a cute idea and the first thing I thought is it'd make a good wedding decor afterwards it could be equally useful.

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