Last Minute {Awesome} Father's Day Gift: DIY King of the Grill Barbeque Apron for $2.95.

June 10, 2015

Every year when Father's Day rolls around, it can be pretty hard to figure out
what to get for all the great dads in your life. I mean, what man in the history
of Father's Day has ever been easy to buy for? Well, look no further this year 

because I have the perfect gift for the perfect chef. Or wanna-be chef. Or
only-on-the-weekends chef. Take your pick. This idea is great no matter how
much or how little your man (or dad) actually cooks. I'm one of the lucky ones
whose husband is actually a real, honest to goodness awesomesauce chef.
I mean, that man can cook. To say I've been blessed doesn't even come close.
So it made sense to give him something cooking/grilling-related. I decided to do
it after coming across this incredible free printable from


Is this awesome or what?
I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it. I'm going to show you how
mine turned out but first you have to head over to Live Craft Love for the
download and to see how  Aki Altuna of Minted Strawberry (who designed the
graphic) actually completed the transfer that you see in the above photo.

One caveat here: I could not for the life of me download the printable (darn you,
MediaFire!) in Internet Explorer. But my tech savvy son said why not try it in Chrome
and guess what? It worked like a charm! Seriously, use Chrome for this one.

Once you've downloaded and saved the graphic
you'll need iron-on transfer paper.

Here's the inkjet transfer paper I used. It's a pack of 24 sheets from Avery. Make sure you get the right kind of paper depending on the color of your apron. My apron is white so I used transfer paper that was specially made for white or light colored fabric. To see another project I used these same transfer sheets on, my Monogram Floursack Pillow tutorial.
Avery Iron-on Transfer PAckage 24 sheets for light fabric

You should always test your printer first to see which side of the paper your printer actually prints on ~ so that you end up putting the transfer paper into the printer correctly. You want the image to print out on the plain white side of the transfer paper, not the backing side with the words on it. You'll be pulling that off after ironing, leaving the transfer behind, which is what you want.

You'll also have to pick up an apron of your choosing. I just grabbed this one from
Hobby Lobby for $2.95 after a 40% off coupon.

adult size white plain apron

The aprons come in adult and children's sizes. 
Matching aprons for Dad and kids would be adorable, don't you think?
Getting them involved would be even better. It's a great project you can
do together, as long as you closely supervise the ironing! 

The instructions that come with the transfer paper are very clear so I'm not going to go into them in any great detail here. Suffice it to say that the entire process took me around 10 minutes, from cutting out around my graphic to the final step of pulling the backing paper off the transfer. I was so excited that mine turned out just like the original. I think it looks pretty professional, don't you?

King of the Grill DIY Apron for Father's Day

Here, chickadee number two models the finished product.

King of the Grill DIY Apron for Father's Day

Mine did not come out as red as the one seen on Live Craft Love, The Darice Craft Blog. It's more of a burgundy, but I like it! A lot. There's still a week and a half before Father's Day -- plenty of time for you to grab the download and an inexpensive apron. That's all you need! Now the only problem with posting this before Father's Day is that Mr. CBD will see it before the big day! He'll be under strict instructions to avert his eyes in the name of surprise. Let's see if he doesn't peek!
So what will you be getting YOUR favorite
dads this Father's Day?

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Diana said...

Love it Kathleen! I've had great success with Avery transfer paper. It looks wonderfully professional--any dad would love it :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You did a great job! I like the darker red myself.
Enjoy the weekend.

handmade by amalia said...

What a great idea! You ARE talented.

Skylar Magazine said...

That is such a fantastic idea! What dad wouldn't love this? I'd do this for my dad, but he doesn't grill. My step mom does the grilling, lol. Have an awesome week! Sincerely, Sarah :)

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