Summer Flower Garden Bouquet

July 16, 2015

summer flower garden bouquet in mason jar

I've been so excited waiting for my summer flower garden to bloom. I planted it pretty
much on a wing and a prayer and really didn't know what to expect since this was my
first attempt at raised bed gardening. I've got some gorgeous blooms to share with you
today, and hopefully I'll have some advice on planting a flower garden in general once it
gets a bit later in the summer. You might remember my sneak peek of the flower garden
a few weeks ago. Today I have many more blooms to share in the form of my first
summer garden bouquet.

summer flower garden bouquet in mason jar

As usual I used one of my vintage mason jars as the vase.

summer flower garden bouquet in mason jar

I've got begonias, anemones, zinnias and gerberas.
Not bad for a novice flower gardener.

summer flower garden bouquet in mason jar

summer flower garden bouquet in mason jar

The colors are just spectacular. I can't decide which flowers I love more -- my hydrangeas, or these!

I love being able to go right outside and cut some pretty flowers to brighten up our days.
Winters here in the Midwest are pretty unforgiving, which I guess makes the summers
all the more sweet.

What's your favorite summer flower?
Are you a flower gardener?
Stay tuned for more updates on my beauties!

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handmade by amalia said...

This is happiness in a jar - what a wonderful burst of colors.

The Charm of Home said...

Beautiful flowers!! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

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