Mason Jar "Summer" Bunting: DIY

August 10, 2015

Yes, I am holding out for summer, hoping it lasts as long as possible. In honor of the season
I've created some bunting that you can easily recreate for yourself (for any season)!

I found these mason jar gift tags at Goodwill. They were new, for 50 cents a package. (They
had been $1 per package at Target). I bought two packages (16 tags), but
I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy more.

Anyway, I loved the farmhouse rustic look of the tags, and knew I could do something
special with them. And my summer mason jar bunting was born! To mix things up a bit
I added some pre-cut kraft paper bunting triangles that I already had in my stash. They
were also in the Target dollar bin. I picked them up a while back, knowing that they'd
come in handy some day.

From the get-go I knew I wanted to stencil something on them.
Um, how about the word "Summer?"

I used acrylic craft paint and my Martha Stewart stencils. I added some pretty scrapbooking
flowers onto the triangles. As you'll see from all the pictures, I tried hanging the bunting
in numerous places around the house. I never quite loved any one place, and I had a heck
of a time getting a decent picture. 
Here it is on our mudroom wall coat rack/mirror.

Here it is strung up over my handy dandy chippy shabby window that I've been
using a lot lately for vignettes.

This is our family room armoire that hides the tv and stereo equipment. Only problem
with putting the bunting here is that we do occasionally have to open the doors!

Uh oh, don't look now but I think I see an interloper in the family room. Don't
worry, she's pretty harmless. She's a fairly recent addition that I've not yet
shared with you all. Don't worry, her time will come. She deserves her very
own blog post, don't you think? 

I initially hung the bunting on our kitchen sideboard, but decided that I didn't
like it there, either. But I did get a few decent shots of it that might give
 you a better idea as to what it really looks like up close and personal.

And here's a final shot taken in the family room.

Yeah, I had to sneak in some more hydrangeas, AGAIN.
You know I'm obsessed, so I'm sure you're not surprised.
Dang, aren't those colors gorgeous? But I digress.
You can make this summer bunting, or something really quite similar, pretty easily.
You'd be surprised at what materials you can find at craft stores, Target and Goodwill
that could be used to make your own special bunting. I think I might actually do an
entire blog post on the fundamentals of bunting one of these days, cause you all know
how much I  love my DIY bunting!
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At Home in English Valley said...

Love this banner! The crafty person always has a stash for that creative moment. Never too many hydrangea photos as far as I'm concerned. I am squeezing each summer hour out of these last few weeks. Thanks for sharing! Love, Penny

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! Once again, another fantastic find at Goodwill! Your banners is so cute; I love the pastel colors! Your vignette is so bright and cheerful! I'm off to pin this one!

srpprcrftr said...

I usually have good stash as we live out few miles from where craft stores are in Grand Junction. Don't feel like having to get cleaned up, change clothes to get supplies so try to keep some things handy for things love to make and bunting is one of them. When ever I see premade bunting on sale/clearance will buy so can whip one out quickly. Usually have had several buntings hanging on shutter shelf but just haven't gotten around to it this summer. (maybe pouting cause haven't been to lake this summer which is only 7 1/2 miles from our house.) Certain crabby person complains about wasting gas to go there, come on now. Didn't even get to go for my b/d as it was raining. Grand daughters were going to take me.
If our Target had those tags must have missed them. Would sure love to have had some of those. Do have some mason jars printed out from Angie so will go dig them out, see if they can be used or will make some new ones. Have some heavy kraft paper so can get right to it, make triangles and jars. For some reason just haven't been in mood to craft this summer. Once Fall gets here tho I'll be busy making things for our home and our daughters.
lOve your bunting, it's so simple which i love, makes it special.
Happy week

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

You always find the best stuff at Target and GW. What a deal on those sweet mason jar tags. Love your bunting creation. So clever!

Jane B. said...

Your bunting is soooo cute, love it! Love the ampersand too :)

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

It's adorable! I love it on the coat rack/mirror and the chippy aqua window the best. The window brings out the colors so nicely.

Unknown said...

Super cute bunting and adorable summer vignette!!! Today it was 100 degrees in Santa Barbara, so it is certainly still summer. It will probably be quite warm for a while yet. I am still in FULL summer mode. Thanks for the cute inspiration on the bunting. I have an old paned window that I can use, too.
Michelle from

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG...Yes you should have bought all that you saw them at the GW....I love it, darn I wish I had seen them when Target had them, Oh well, I guess it stopped us both from hording more lol. Oh I love hydrangeas!


Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance said...

Hi Kathleen! Hi Anne, This is Theresa from Shoestring Elegance What to do and Weekends Party. I LOVE it !! I love this idea, too! I am your newest follower! :) I would love it if you would , please, come and share your Fun Summer Banner or Any of your --other wonderful projects, at my Party. We are now Live & your style is exactly what I live to Feature at the party! I hope to see you there.
Here's the link.

Karen @ karensuponthehill said...

I am hanging on to su,,er as well! And this is so sweet!
I would love for you to stop by and join our Something to Talk About link party that starts every Monday morning!

Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance said...

Kathleen, I am Featuring you now, live on the new party! Congratulations. Your post has been Pinned to our Party Board, as well!
Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance

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