Igloo 9050 Glacier Cooler Review

August 4, 2015

(You may read about my review policy here. All opinions are my own.)

When I was asked to review a product from the online retailer apparelnbags.com, my only problem was deciding what product to review! Apparelnbags sells men's, women's and children's athletic pparel (think T-shirts and sweatshirts) as well as outerwear, headwear and bags/totes. I finally opted to review their awesome Igloo 9050 Glacier Cooler. It is summer, you know. What better time to try a new soft sided cooler?

The Igloo 9050 Glacier Cooler is supposed to hold 14 cans. I figured with a family of five that might just come in handy on some of our summer outings. Unfortunately, we didn't have it in time for our beach vacation, but I did test it out at home. I filled it with 12 cold soda cans and a freezer pack. Seven hours later the cans were still cold. I'd say I was pretty happy with the result.

One of the neater features of the cooler is that it has a removable anti-microbial liner. You can take it out and clean it, then pop it right back in. For me, that was key. There's no worry that the cooler will get moldy and gross inside after someone forgets to clean it and then dry it out after using it.

Another feature is that it has this cool opening in the top that allows you to grab a can without actually having to unzip the bag. This feature will be a godsend on our two-day drives back east. It's always a pain to have to unzip the cooler for that water or soda while you're driving (the rest of the car is asleep so no one can help you.....am I the only one who experiences this on road trips? Oh well.) Anyway, it's a great feature for our family.

It also has a bunch of pockets for incidentals like napkins and cutlery. I mean, like four pockets. Two on the side and two in the front. It's nice to have separate compartments for all your small stuff. So do you use coolers in your family? What do you use them for?  

You should know that the Igloo brand is the most recognized brand in coolers. They offer more than 500 different products sold through more than 15,000 outlets in the US and around the world. Whether you are enjoying summer fun at the beach, watching the kids’ soccer game, entertaining friends or just enjoying a weekend of boating or fishing it’s there, somewhere in the background. It’s an Igloo cooler. I know we are going to get a boatload of use out of ours.

Just check out apparelnbags.com and see what I mean. There's so much to choose from, and their prices are more than reasonable. Thank you, apparelnbags.com, for providing me with the cooler to review. All opinions are my own.

So what do you have planned to get done this week? I'm currently working on two projects simultaneously (sound familiar?) but I hope I'll to be able to share at least one of them with you soon. Hope you're having a great week!

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NanaDiana said...

We have several Igloo products and you really can't go wrong with them!Hope you are having a good summer-it's been a long one here. xo Diana

handmade by amalia said...

Looks like you are all set for your next outing, 14 cans!

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