Friday Finds: Vintage Edition #10 {More in Saugatuck}

July 31, 2015

It's time for another round of Friday Finds: Vintage Edition #10!
For starters, I have a few more things from the Saugatuk, MI Antique Pavilion that

I forgot to share with you in my Friday Finds #9 from last week. I don't even think
you have to be a jewelry lover like I am to fall in love with this vintage Texas
lover's charm bracelet. Once I saw the pink Cadillac this thing was all mine!

Chippy, shabby pink Cadillac charm and I love Texas charm

Vintage Texas charm bracelet

At first I thought it was all Texas-related charms, but then I noticed some were just your
basic (but cute nonetheless) charms. Obviously the state outline with a heart inside it is
a favorite. And the cowboy/cowgirl boots are fun, too. I'm thinking that with the pink
Cadillac, red lipstick, cowgirl boot and red sunglasses, this bracelet is all about tough
(but decidedly feminine) Texas women!

Cowboy boots and lipstick charms on vintage Texas charm bracelet

Chippy, shabby pink Cadillac charm and I love Texas charm

The other jewelry-related items I picked up at the Pavilion were actually vintage pins.

Vintage achievement pins 4-H, American Legion

Two are vintage 4-H pins. One says "Illinois Achievement" on it and the other says
"Leadership." The bright gold pin is from the American Legion Auxiliary, while the
dark blue pin says "Awarded by L.C. Smith & Corona TWS, Inc." Hm. I'm
guessing a Smith & Corona employee earned this pin for doing something.
Just what that something was I'll never know.

I almost forgot that my son picked up a treasure there as well.

Vintage WWII U.S. Navy Radar Rocket Ship toy

I think these are technically called U.S. Navy Radar Rocket Ships.

Vintage WWII U.S. Navy Radar Rocket Ship toy

We both thought that this was a pretty cool vintage (1940's WWII) wooden toy boat.
We could tell parts were probably missing, but it was still worth it for $ 10.00. I found
a few in mint condition in online auctions with an estimated value of $100.00 to $200.00.

I picked up this vintage globe in an antique shop in downtown Saugatuck for $15.00.
 (Because we all know you can NEVER have too many globes.) That's certainly more
than I'd pay at Goodwill, but substantially less than I've seen them go for in most
"antique" establishments. Sellers have smartened up and know these babies are at a
premium these days so they really hike up the price. I believe this one is from 1945,

This one's still my favorite!

That's it for the MI trip. Next week I'll have Goodwill treasures to share.

I'm looking forward to the weekend.
How about you?
Hope it's a great one! 

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mary scott said...

I wonder if this bracelet could have belonged to a lady who was a Mary Kay cosmetics 'consultant'?

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Nice finds. Your son is learning to treasure hunt early. :)
The bracelet is my favorite also.
Enjoy the weekend.

Diana said...

Hey Kathleen--love the bracelet, that pink Cadillac is pretty awesome. But I really like the WWII era boat, pretty neat find your son made. Hope you're having a great week--

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