How to Use Pillow Wraps for Christmas Decorating and Beyond

October 27, 2015

Merry burlap pillow wrap

Okay, so have I been living under a rock or what? You probably already know about this but it's all new to me. I recently stumbled across a Christmas décor accessory that I was totally enthralled with. Okay, well, enthralled might be too strong a word - but I was really happy that I stumbled across it. Anyway, I'd never seen the likes of this before and it caused me to totally experience one of those moments. You know the kind. The one where you say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that???"

We were strolling through an awesome we-sell-everything kind of store in Sawyer, MI, looking for heirloom pumpkins (they had lots of produce as well as everything else under the sun) and I stumbled upon their "Christmas Shop" in the waaaay back of the store. I was trying to be good and not buy anything but when I saw this I stopped in my tracks. Burlap? Check. Stenciling? Check. Vintage-inspired? Check. Uh, sold!

Burlap Pillow Wrap

So, pillow wraps are totally new to me. This one is made to fit a 15"x 15" pillow. Lord knows I have enough of those sized pillows around the house already. I think it will look great on our family room sectional once I add it in with some of my other Christmas pillows. Here's what this pillow originally looked like.

I totally love my vintage grainsack pillow! But I love even better that it can pull double duty at Christmas time and serve as a Christmas pillow! Sure beats Pottery Barn's Christmas pillow prices! (I paid $14.99.)

Velcro-backed burlap pillow wrap

It truly is a wrap. All you do is wrap it around your pillow and close it shut with velcro. Done.

burlap Christmas pillow wrap

Here's one of my vintage Santa ornaments trying to get in on the action.

burlap Christmas pillow wrap

I really am feeling like these "pillow wraps" are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Seriously. Like they're an easy and inexpensive answer to any pillow junkie's prayers! Not that I know of any pillow junkies.....but you guys know me. I've already got an idea.

Dollar Store jingle bells Christmas crats

Look what I found at the Dollar Store today! Just think what I could do with a little bit of burlap, some stencils and these here bells....! Anyone know how to make new jingle bells look old? I guess I'll have to work on that.

Just think of all the possibilities for these pillow wraps. Make them seasonal, as in spring or fall- themed, or holiday related, like Christmas or Easter or Thanksgiving....the possibilities truly are endless. It's the most perfect idea for someone like me who is NOT a seamstress. Time to get to work!

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading 
How To Use Pillow Wraps 
For Christmas Decorating 
And Beyond.

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Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

I will definitely be copying this idea! Thanks for sharing.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love this idea, too! I've used wide burlap ribbon and enbellished it with vintage jewelry. So fun to re-use and change out what you have!

Vanessa said...


You pillow wrap is beautiful but you are starting to early. LOL

Vintage Paint and more... said...

Love this idea - I will have to make some for ours. Can you age those bells by soaking them in vinegar for a while or vinegar and water maybe. I know vinegar and steel wool ages wood. Thanks for the tip Kathleen. Cathy

Lucy said...

I would have stopped dead in my tracks also! Just gorgeous! What a great idea… it has the wheels turning in my head!

Pamela said...

Love! I honestly did not know there was such a thing either.

maryjo materazo said...

love Love LOVE this idea. will definitely be using this since i think i can totally make a no sew version. thanks SO much for sharing this. xo-maryjo

Cheryl said...

When I first starting reading this, I thought to myself, I have never heard of pillow wraps, lol. Not alone! I love this idea and you found a great one!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Have seen some pillow wraps before, but not like yours.
You did good - Very Pretty!
Sorry, no help on aging the bells. You could probably find some instructions on "u Tube" for aging metal for jewelry, etc., that would work.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

This is the first time I've seen these awesome pillow wraps!! What a clever idea and a perfect way to dress up pillows on a budget. Love them!! Thanks for sharing this "new to me" idea at Vintage Inspiration Party.

reclaimed wood dining table said...

Oh what a lovely idea you have! So fun to re-use and change out what you have!
Thanks for sharing this!

The Speckled Hen Cottage said...

I must have been living in the same rock pile! These pillow wraps are such an awesome idea. You can take it way beyond Christmas to any holiday even a special "Happy Birthday" one. I bet this clever idea is really going to catch fire now. Thanks for posting about it!!! Mickie

Mary K. said...

Kathleen this is such a cute idea and very smart. Like if you want to look your best and you decide to wear your jacket over your blouse. It looks so festive.

My thrift store addiction said...

Super cute, Kathleen! I haven't seen these before either ;)

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