How to Wrap Christmas Gifts with Unexpected Finds

December 9, 2015

wrapped presents Christmas boxes bottles cloche

I'm excited to be participating in December's Junk Revision Challenge! As self-proclaimed Junk Visionaries, we're a group of like-minded DIY bloggers who believe that good things come to those who go junkin' and repurposing! This month's challenge was to gift wrap something using an unexpected repurposed item. And what better time for that than Christmas?

I racked my brain on this one and really wanted to come up with something truly unusual. The only problem was that the more I thought about it, the harder it got. Then I realized that as a DIY-er and thrifter I probably had some things already in my stash that could fit the bill. And I was right.

ceramic Christmas tree sweater sleeve chalk tags kraft paper mini ornaments

This is just a sampling of some of the things I used to wrap my "gifts". Do you have any of these things in your stash? 1. Small Christmas tchotchkes (for cloches and/or snowglobe gift toppers) and lace doilies. 2. Wood slice tags from Target dollar bin. 3. Thrift store sweater. 4. Dollar Store kraft paper. 5. Mini-ornaments. 6. Chalkboard tags. 7. Not pictured: plaid scarves and mini-cloches.

First off I have to admit that I did use brown dollar store kraft paper on some of the boxes as a base wrap. However, for my first package I took a big red box and wrapped it up in a festive, cozy, red plaid scarf. Since the box was already a pretty red color I didn't feel the need to cover the sides with anything. Then I added a wood slice tag from Target's dollar bin. The wood pieces came with jute to hang as a customized banner of sorts. I liked the banner idea, but I liked the Christmas gift tag idea better! I thought it went well with the scarf, adding just the right rustic touch.

plaid wrapping wood slice chalkboard arrow

I also used a chalkboard arrow tag from Target's dollar bin as an embellishment on a plain brown package. I thought using the words "North Pole" was a cute way of dressing up an otherwise unadorned box.

I think my favorite unusual wrapping idea has to be the thrift store sweater sleeve. We see so many wine bottle bags around Christmas time. Wine is quite the hostess gift! So, you need a nice way to wrap and present it to your hostess!

lace doily sweater deer wrapping paper red bow

 All I did was cut off the entire sleeve at the shoulder opening, slide the bottle inside the sleeve, then fold all of the extra sleeve material into the "bag" at the bottom. The extra material made it a bit more bulky down there but served to create an actual bottom for the bag. Then I simply added a mini-ornament with some red jute around the top of the bottle for textural and visual contrast.

lace doily embellishment mini ornament

If you happen to be a seamstress (which I am not) or someone who loves vintage (which I am) then you probably already have some lace doilies sitting around just waiting for you to use as gift wrapping embellishment. I sprayed this lace heart-shaped doily with adhesive spray and attached it to the box. Then I tied another one of my mini-ornaments onto the doily itself as additional colorful embellishment. Once the doily is removed I know the adhesive can be washed out if necessary (it's not really that sticky).  So the recipient gets a bonus gift that way. As an alternative, try wrapping the entire gift in a large doily (cut-up lace tablecloths would be good for this), sans wrapping paper.

glitter bottle brush tree vintage Santa Claus figurine glass cloche faux snow

I'm a real cloche addict. So I thought to myself, "Why not add a mini-cloche as a topper to one of your Christmas gifts? How awesome would THAT be?"This is a thrifted mini-cloche I picked up at Goodwill. I placed a sparkly bottle brush tree and vintage Santa figurine inside, along with some faux snow. It can be placed atop any gift to give it that extra special touch, although it serves more of a decorative purpose when the gift is stationary. I haven't quite figured out how to "attach" it to the gift per se. Any ideas?

wrapped presents Christmas boxes red plaid scarf sweater bottle cover cloche

vintage doily deer wrapping paper North Pole chalkboard tag

 By now you've probably noticed the reindeer wrapping paper. I thought I'd throw in one typically wrapped present, and I love this paper! Another Target dollar bin score!

Christmas gifts wrap tags bows

So let's recap: It's easy to find unusual gift wrapping materials and embellishments if you'll only take the time to look around and really open your eyes to what you already have. I have to say that this project opened my eyes, and I think I'll be looking at all my Christmas wrapping just a little bit differently this yea.!

Do you have a favorite go-to wrapping style? If so, what is it? Or have you come up with something totally new and different this year? I'd love to hear in the comments! And make sure to check out the links of my blog friends below who also have some cool and unusual gift wrapping ideas for you this Christmas season!

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
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How To Wrap Christmas Gifts
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wrapped presents Christmas boxes bottles cloche

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Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

Love your wrapping ideas and plan to use the sweater sleeve Wine wrap for sure. sb

Sew a Fine Seam said...

Very cute and fun ideas! I'm so stoked about all the great inspiration from everyone here!

Lucy said...

Kathleen, that cloche is adorable and so many great ideas for repurposing items to use for gift wrapping!

Unknown said...

These ideas are genius! I love them all. I'm totally inspired to get creative with my wrapping this year.

Amy Ellis said...

You've given me lots of new ideas for gift wrapping, like that scarf? How creative and tchotcky gift toppers? Who'd of thunk! Plenty to work with here, love all your ideas!

Unknown said...

These are all great ideas!!! I really LOVE the kraft paper and doily!!!!

Salvaged living said...

I am just like you...I have tons of goodies laying around if I just go looking for them. Such cute ideas here. I am ready to hit the wrapping trail this weekend!

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

What great ideas! Love the wine bottle sweater and the doily on the craft paper. They're all so pretty!

Kathy said...

Loved your ideas. I have used a double knit scarf piece like your sweater sleeve. I love making cloth gift bags--usually from new cloth but also from "wounded tablecloths" so I have very few hems to sew! I sew a ribbon or cord into the side seam! I also love using cooky tins to camouflage the present. Toilet paper tubes with the ends folded in to become a "pillow pack" are great for my homemade earrings. This year I turned cereal boxes into gift bag/boxes; I'm peeved that the transfer station doesn't recycle lightweight cardboard and HAD to use these boxes for something positive!

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