Thrill of the Hunt #35

October 17, 2016

Wow, it sure has been a while since I last posted any Thrill of the Hunt finds. I guess I was just so wrapped up in the whole kitchen cabinet painting extravaganza that everything else went by the wayside for a while. But I'm back! I have a few finds to share with you today, so grab a cup of coffee (tea, wine, hot chocolate) and stick around.

vintage colored glass Christmas bulb light

First up are these vintage colored glass bulb Christmas lights. The kind I grew up with. Every Christmas we would have these lights on our Christmas trees, both inside and out. I got them at Goodwill for $1.50. Luckily they worked, but they got REALLY hot, too hot for my liking. Which really bummed me out since I was looking forward to draping them over my DIY Farmhouse Sign From Roadside Rescue this holiday season. 

vintage colored glass Christmas bulb light

vintage colored glass Christmas bulb light

vintage colored glass Christmas bulb light

I've always been a white lights person, but my husband likes colored lights. Even so, each year he has religiously placed white lights on our tree, for me. I thought maybe this year we could compromise and at least put SOME colored lights around to brighten things up. After I got the hot bulbs that thought went by the wayside until I stumbled across these vintage babies.

Vintage GE Cool Bright Indoor Light Kit

When I saw that these said "COOL" Bright Indoor Light Set I  figured, what have I got to lose? It says "COOL," right? And for 99 cents a box they were a steal. Only they weren't. Neither cool nor a steal. Well, they're cooler than the first ones I bought, but still much hotter than any lights we would normally use. Also, in one box there were so many bulbs that wouldn't light up I ended up consolidating bulbs and ended up with only one full working strand. We'll have to see if I find any other vintage colored Christmas lights between now and December. 

vintage Early Times Florida Jigger Whiskey Tenessee

I couldn't help myself when I saw this vintage bar glass. Without even looking it up I knew it was a collectible. I also knew it would go nicely with my other vintage barware.

vintage Early Times Florida Jigger Whiskey Tenessee

On one side it reads "Early Times Florida Jigger" and at the bottom " Early Times, Kentucky's Favorite Straight Bourbon 86 PROOF, Early Times Distillery, Louisville Kentucky." The back side reads "Every Ounce a Man's Whiskey.” I can't figure out the actual age of the glass, but I did find out a bit about the distillery. It began some time around the 1920's. 
Fun Fact: In 1987 they contracted with Churchill Downs to market Early Times as the "official drink" of the Kentucky Derby. Over 100,000 Early Times Mint Juleps are sold during Derby Week each year. 
My Early Times Florida Jigger is AVAILABLE

vintage Cloud Nine Franciscan Whitestone Ware creamer

Here's another ironstone creamer that I could not pass up for 99 cents. It will come in handy on display with the other pieces in my ironstone collection.

vintage Cloud Nine Franciscan Whitestone Ware creamer

 It also makes a lovely vase.

vintage Cloud Nine Franciscan Whitestone Ware creamer

vintage Cloud Nine Franciscan Whitestone Ware creamer

The maker's mark is by Cloud Nine Franciscan Whitestone Ware. My research shows that it's from the 1960's, made in Japan.

vintage Sunrise travel alarm

When I saw this Sunrise travel alarm clock I just had to buy it. It reminded me so much of growing up. When I was a kid my father traveled all around the world for business, and he would not be caught dead without his Sunrise travel alarm clock.

vintage Sunrise travel alarm

Even though the box is worn on the outside, the clock does not appear to have ever been used, and it came with the original instruction sheet. I've seen it selling on eBay in the U.S. for $9.99, and in the U.K for the equivalent of $16.00 U.S dollars. Sunrise travel alarm clock is SOLD.

Well, that's it until next time, friends. 
I hope you enjoyed reading Thrill of the Hunt #35
and that I've inspired you in some way.

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Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

Cool finds. I've run into the same thing with vintage Christmas lights. I love the ironstone creamer and travel clock.

NanaDiana said...

You found some GREAT things. I don't buy any of those HOT lights anymore either. They are kind of scary! But they sure have a nostalgic feel to them, don't they? The ones we had as a kid were wired so that if one bulb went out they ALL went out and then the challenge was to find the 'dead' bulb. lol xo Diana said...

A nice mix of finds! You've inspired me to see if I have any interesting old Christmas bulbs. I too, like the colored bulbs...kind of nostalgic.

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

Love that little creamer, and the clock is fabulous. No sign of Christmas stuff in our thrift stores yet, but vintage Christmas bulbs can be a challenge due to safety concerns. Love the look though, and we definitely had those lights when I was a little girl.

My thrift store addiction said...

I love the little ironstone creamer, I pick those up when I see them too. You always find the cutest barware ;)

Unknown said...

Great finds, Kathleen. Sorry to read about your Christmas lights ... talk about nostolgia in a box! Take care, Cynthia

srpprcrftr said...

Those lights most likely caused alot of tree fires years ago, know I sure remember them on our pretty, my Dad was a stickler for turning lights off every hour since he realized they got too hot.
Isn't it wonderful tho to be able to revisit memories.
Very scarce finding stoneware anything in Grand Junction, CO then if you do be prepared to pay more for it. 99cents for that little creamer? What a deal, would be nice just to have collection of little creamers. Loved all your treasures, enjoy them.
Have wonderful weekend

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