DIY Eerie Halloween Orbs

October 19, 2016

I used to decorate a ton for Halloween when the kids were little. I would decorate the inside of the house and my husband would decorate the outside. We both went all out. I think we actually have 10+ large orange and black plastic storage bins filled with Halloween decorations. How about you? Do you do it up special, a little bit or not at all?

Sadly, this year my efforts pretty much fall into the "not at all" category.  Be that as it may, I did stumble across an eerie DIY Halloween orb craft in the October issue of Woman's Day Magazine. It looked a bit different than your usual run-of-the-mill Halloween stuff, so I thought I'd give it a go. Ready?

I've provided a materials list and a few links to follow for your shopping convenience. A purchase of any of these items helps to support this blog and its creative efforts at no cost to you. To learn more, please see my disclosure page.


- clear plastic Christmas ornaments that split apart into two halves (You can purchase similar ones here.)
- plastic snow globes with lids (You can purchase similar ones here.)

- plain, clear vellum paper (You can purchase similar paper here.)

- pencil

- scissors

- free Halloween clipart of your choice (Woman's Day magazine used, but I got some good images just by using Google images as well)

-  candlesticks (mine are all thrifted).

How To Make DIY Eerie Orbs For Halloween 

1. Choose your Halloween clipart images, one image for each globe you intend to make. (Some ideas: bat, skull, witch, moon, bugs, eyeballs)

2. Print out clipart onto vellum paper, one image per page. I printed mine out as 2x3 inch images.

3. Pull apart plastic ornament into two halves.

4. Place one half of the ornament over your image, centering it on the vellum paper, and trace around it with a pencil.

5. Carefully cut out your image(s). (Note: I've used white printer paper for purposes of this tutorial so that you can actually see the paper in my photos.Vellum paper is much more see-through than regular paper.)

6. Insert your cut out image into the middle of your two ornament pieces and snap them closed. (If you use the snow globes instead, just gently bend the vellum circle down the middle so that you can insert it into your snow globe. Once it's in you let go and the bend should open up and the paper should stay secure. Then you can reattach the lid.)

7. Place your globe(s) on top of a candlestick for display.

I should note here that your plastic Christmas ornaments will have a "loop" at the top, normally used for hanging on a tree. Unless you're hanging these orbs you have no need for the loop. In order to display them properly, you'll need to find candlesticks with sufficiently deep enough indentations in them to camouflage the loop portion of the orb. 

In other words, you will place the orbs upside down inside the candlestick and they should stand up properly. Obviously you need to make sure that the image is upright. This is not a problem if you use the plastic snow globes since there are no loops involved with them (just lids) and they should lay flat on just about any surface.

Candlestick Tip:

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on candlesticks,you have three options:

1. Shop your house and find some that you already have.

2. Go thrift shopping! Pretty much all of my candlesticks are from Goodwill purchases through the years.

3. You could always borrow some, but where's the fun in that?

In the center I placed a thrifted cloche filled with a Dollar Store skull and Dollar Store sparkly black and orange vase filler.

My vellum paper looks much whiter than the vellum paper in the Woman's Day magazine orbs. I would have liked it to be a bit more transparent, but I still think it turned out sufficiently eerie looking.
How about you?

I'm sure it would be even eerier if they were illuminated by candlelight. Maybe I'll add some battery-operated lights to the vignette as we get closer to Halloween. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my 
DIY Eerie Halloween Orbs. 

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My thrift store addiction said...

Kathleen, love how these turned out!

Diana said...

Such a great project, Kathleen; they have a great look and I don't think your vellum is too white at all :)

Cecilia said...

Fun! I wish I'd seen this earlier today as I was in Michael's and could have bought supplies. Throwing a Halloween party this year and these would fantastic! Going to pin!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH these are spooky fun! Pinning!

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

Such a fun project Kathleen! Love how they turned out. said...

I think you achieved spooky and creepy! Especially with the spider!! And the eyeball! Pinned.

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

A fun spooky Halloween project. Love the orbs.

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