How to Stencil A Lazy Susan For That Farmhouse Look

February 13, 2017

diy painted stenciled farmhouse lazy susan

It must be the new year or something, since I find myself going through my stash of junk and pulling out things to re-love. One such thing happens to be a well-worn black painted lazy susan I picked up at Goodwill for $2.99. It's been in my studio for over two years, so I'd say it was about time. I always wanted to gussy it up but I couldn't decide what, exactly, I wanted to do with it. Well I'm here to say that I finally bit the bullet and I think you'll love the outcome! Today I'm joining in with some talented blogger friends to bring you our monthly Dose of DIY! So be sure to check out their projects when you reach the bottom of this post.

Here it is in all its naked glory. Well, not glory, really, but I think you can see what I mean about its need to be loved. 

I used Waverly chalk paint (in Ink) for the first time. I harangued over what color to use. I was going to go with my usual white when something stopped me in my tracks. I had just finished my "PRAY BIG" farmhouse sign and ended up loving the look of white on black. So I thought, why not try it again? Not to mention the fact that trying to paint white on top of the original black would be a chore to say the least. 

Here she is after two coats of the black chalk paint. The finish ended up being exactly what I had envisioned. Now it was time for some embellishment.

Again, I thought long and hard about what words and/or pictures I wanted to paint on this lazy susan. I knew I wanted a farmhouse vibe, but other than that I was torn by more than a few options. (So many that I'll be looking for another lazy susan to re-love real soon!) When all was said and done I knew I didn't have the time for a really detailed paint job so I went with a farmhouse-style stencil I already had.

You might remember this one. I used it with great success on my vintage-inspired rolling pantry cart. Since that cart stays in the pantry we don't see the stenciling very often. 

So I thought why not try it on the lazy susan that will be on the farmhouse kitchen table where we can appreciate it more?  So I did. 
diy painted stenciled farmhouse lazy susan

diy painted stenciled farmhouse lazy susan

The stencil job isn't perfect, but I think it'll do. Chickadee number two's vintage cow salt shaker looks right at home.

diy painted stenciled farmhouse lazy susan

The tiny purple flowers covered in burlap were a Dollar Tree score! I just love how they look in my vintage creamer, hobnail milk glass creamer and sugar dish. Makes me feel like spring is on the way.

diy painted stenciled farmhouse wire cloche lazy susan

Lucky for me my large wire cloche fits over the lazy susan perfectly. I can see myself putting all kinds of fun things under it on my kitchen table.

diy painted stenciled farmhouse wire cloche lazy susan

diy painted stenciled farmhouse wire cloche lazy susan

For example, I love the look of this vintage riding trophy underneath it.

You might remember it was a Saugatuck Antique Pavilion 
find from Thrill of the Hunt #9.

diy painted stenciled farmhouse wire cloche horse trophy lazy susan

The black you see on the trophy is the lazy susan's reflection.

Painted stenciled lazy susan handles drawer pulls

Now I need your help. I originally wanted to add handles to it, so I placed some on it just to see what it would look like.

Painted stenciled lazy susan handles drawer pulls

Painted stenciled lazy susan handles drawer pulls

I wasn't totally convinced and now I'm on the fence about it. What do you think? Handles or no handles? I can still fit the large wire cloche over it even with the handles on it. 

stencil lazy susan farmhouse creamer boxwood wreath

Overall I'm pleased but I think I'm having painter's remorse (Is that a thing?). I'm wishing I had painted it white and then distressed it, allowing the original black to show through. What do you think?

Well, that's it until next time, friends!
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Stenciled Farmhouse Lazy Susan
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One More Time Events said...

I love this... I have this same stencil, now I am thinking I need a Lazy Susan. I like it both ways with and without the handles. Pinned this one for sure!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Oh Kathleen! It's WONDERFUL.

Sarah said...

This is a beautiful piece, great job giving it some love. That stencil is sp pretty.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Very pretty, Kathleen! I love it with the cloche especially!

Cecilia said...

Love the way it looks! I like all the ways you styled it too - a very versatile piece!

Unknown said...

What a great transformation! I'll have to look out for a lazy susan at the thrift store. I love the wire cloche with it as well!

My thrift store addiction said...

Great job, Kathleen! I think I prefer it without the handles ;) said...

Either way white on black or black on's a toss up & this is a nice change. Me I like white with black showing thru...that's my favorite look. The handles look fine to me. Either way. I love the chicken wire cloche! I'm going to have to get me one of those! Lovely board! Pinned.

Leanna said...

I love this makeover. The chicken wire cloche is very nice. I prefer it without the handles, but I have no specific reason. The black with the white lettering is a nice change.

Have a good weekend

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