DIY Boho Flowered Fancy Antlers

April 10, 2017

 DIY boho flower antler decor

I'm very excited to share with you my DIY Boho Flowered Fancy Antlers! I've been a fan of antler decor for some years now and I've displayed a few of them in various places around my home. Some are store-bought versions of the real thing, but one set of antlers is actually a real set that I picked up at an antique mall in Michigan a few years ago. Back then I painted them white, and today I'm going to share how I managed to change them again, for the better!

DIY boho flower antler decor white spray paint

Here they are in all their white paint finery. They were originally unmounted, so I purchased an inexpensive white wooden plaque from the craft store and nailed the white spray-painted antlers onto it.  Lastly, I added some basic picture frame hardware and wire on the back of the plaque for hanging. That was all well and good until I saw my friend Carol from The Red Painted Cottage's antlers decorated for spring. I was in love and knew what I had to do.

Spring faux flowers

I purchased some beautiful faux spring flowers from Michaels (60% off) and my local Dollar Tree. I think I spent a total of $6.00 for the entire bunch. Here they are displayed in my DIY rustic twig vase before I took a few of them for my boho flowered antler project.
spring faux flower antler decor

Once I played around with the flowers and knew the order I wanted to place them in, I sewed them individually to a lace doily I had in my stash. I knew the doily would make a great canvas, if you will, for the flowers.

DIY boho flower antler decor

Once the doily was sufficiently covered with flowers, I just cut off the excess and proceeded to attach it to the antler plaque.

Since I wanted the flowers to be removable, I simply attached the doily to the top of the antlers on each side with white paper clips!

DIY boho flower antler decor

I believe the white paper clips blend in pretty well. What do you think?    

I purposely chose bright, cheerful colors that I knew would pop against the white antlers. I especially liked this purple one; I think it gives the piece added depth.

DIY boho flower antler decor

DIY boho flower antler decor

DIY boho flower antler decor

If you google "boho antlers" you'll find a TON of images of antlers with flowers. but that's all they are, graphic images. Many, if not most, are simply images for sale. But why settle for an image when you can have the real thing?
 DIY boho flower antler decor

I am absolutely smitten with this harbinger of spring. I wish I had more antlers to decorate! Who knows? Maybe I'll even decorate them for Christmas this year. Now THAT would be fun! But right now I'll just enjoy them with their fancy spring flowers.  

You need to stop by The Red Painted Cottage and see the easy step-by-step flowered antler tutorial by my friend Carol. Hers turned out just gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration, Carol!

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DIY Boho Flowered Fancy Antlers

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DIY boho flower antler decor

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Cecilia said...

That's a great way to dress up plain antlers. Looks very fresh and Spring-y!

My thrift store addiction said...

This is definitely the way to go with antlers! Love the pretty pastel blooms you chose too!

carol@The Red Painted Cottage said...

Kathleen, I LOVE how your antler turned out with the bright colored flowers! I'm so glad mine inspired you, as well as I hope others, to do the same thing. I love how you added the dolly and used white paper clips.

Tania Pelletier said...

Super cute!!


RS said...

I an loving this, so much color. I am currently sprucing up my bathroom with colors, this gives me a great idea.

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