Affordable Fall Decor: Plush Pumpkins For Pennies

September 18, 2017

My taste in fall decor has changed over the years, however, some things haven't. Like the requirement that it be simple to implement and above all affordable. Enter: plush velvet pumpkins in lush, rich colors -- and from somewhere you'd least expect it. And did I say affordable?

I fell in love with velvet pumpkins a few years ago around the time sweater pumpkins were all the rage. Unfortunately, the only places I could find them were high-end shops that wanted an arm and a leg for them. I even read a ton of DIY blog tutorials on how to make your own but it just seemed too daunting of a task for me (I am textile project-challenged.) So I've lived without them.  Until now.

I know I've sung Target's praises over the years, but this time I think they've really done it. Not only did I find these gorgeous velvet pumpkins at Target, I found them in their Bullseye Playground area for $1.00 each!

I fully expected them to be at least $3.00. But no. They were actually One. Dollar. Each.

I had a ball setting them up for display in a large, silver bowl with brass handles. Or was it?

Nope. It was a combination of a large, thrifted silver bowl and something else.

This. A large, thrifted silver tray with brass handles. It just happened to fit perfectly and I was pleased with the outcome.

I also happened to notice that the large bowl I picked up at Goodwill was actually from Crate and Barrel. Don't you just love it when that happens? 

The round silver tray was thrifted as well, although I don't remember when or where or for how much. But just look at that patina! I love the contrasting brass handles.

Here they are together, a match made in heaven. Just perfect for my plush, velvet pumpkin display.

I liked the look of my DIY farmhouse wood bead garland threaded throughout the display. After the pictures were taken I also added in some large pine cones to round it all out and add some texture. The jewel-toned velvet and the brown textured pine cones compliment each other beautifully. I'm really happy to have a new fall look that's as rich and inviting as these plush pumpkins! 

 I hope you enjoyed reading about my 

 Affordable Fall Decor: Plush Pumpkins For Pennies. 
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Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

I found some of the little velvet pumpkins at Target last week. My daughter and I bought the last of them. They look great in your silver bowl.

My thrift store addiction said...

I love the colors you chose and I am jealous--no Target here :( Last time I went to the closest one in San Antonio, they didn't have fall decor out yet, and it's likely they'll be gone by the time I get back. I guess I'll just have to admire yours!

Unknown said...

Wow, you really scored! Those colors are so rich! Can't believe they were only $1! The Crate & Barrel bowl was a lucky find too! You've got a nice jump on Fall decor!

Diana said...

Great find, Kathleen--love how you styled these cuties with your beautiful silver pieces :)

Unknown said...

You find the best thrifted items, Kathleen!! Love how you styled them all together. Thanks for sharing! Cynthia

Kathy said...

And I'm busy buying and cutting up Goodwill clothes and Salvation Army sweaters, jabbing myself with the sewing needle, pruning ivy in the yard to get stems, getting burnt with the hot glue gun and you got yours for $1 each. Sometimes the crafting gods just don't smile on me! Love your arrangement and love the colors of the pumpkins. My purple satin PJ bottoms (Victoria's Secret!) pumpkins sure would look good with yours!

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