Farmhouse Friday #3 and Mini Dining Room Reveal

September 29, 2017

Farmhouse Friday dining room decor reveal

I'm a very impatient person. Which is exactly why I'm jumping the gun and showing you some sneak peek "after" pictures of our new dining room without showing you the "before" or "during" pictures. There will be a full reveal in the future, but that won't happen until after I have actually decorated the room. Right now I just want to share my excitement over the fact that it's finally finished after waiting since the end of April for it to be done.

farmhouse decor dining room renovation reveal

Right now it's a blank slate as far as I'm concerned. The only pieces of furniture we have put back so far are the dining table and chairs. For now I've added one of my favorite thrift store pieces of furniture as well -- a chippy shabby side table.

farmhouse decor dining room renovation reveal

You can see I've also put out my plush pumpkins that cost me pennies. Other than a few real mini pumpkins in another part of the house I'm afraid they're the closest thing to actual fall decorations I'll be displaying this fall season.

farmhouse decor dining room renovation reveal

Why no fall decorating, pray tell? Well, because there's too much else to do! So how SHOULD I decorate this room? I've shown you some of my farmhouse living room ideas in Farmhouse Friday #1 and Farmhouse Friday #2. But now we're talking about the DINING ROOM, people. Help!

I was thinking along the lines of bucking the traditional china cabinet and going with open floating farmhouse shelves. I really like the room so much better without it feeling cramped due to too much furniture. I guess I'm currently of the principle "less is more."

You can get to each item below just by clicking on its name. I've provided the list for your shopping convenience. A purchase of any of these items helps to support this blog and its creative efforts at no cost to you. To learn more, please see my disclosure page.

I'm also a huge fan of farmhouse ladders as decor. I've been using an old salvaged one for a few years now.

I'm happy to report that I got a new-to-me vintage ladder from an all-night flea market last month and it will replace my old one for hanging blankets, among other things, depending on the season. I'll be sharing that with you soon.

DIY faux farmhouse cotton stems

I'm also a cotton stem lover. So much so that I created my own DIY faux farmhouse cotton stems. You can follow my tutorial, or you can click the link below to buy some!


So there you have it for this week: 

1. farmhouse floating shelves
2. farmhouse ladder
3. cotton stems

Easy as 1-2-3.

farmhouse decor dining room renovation reveal
 I did play around with the side table because, well, why not? 

farmhouse decor dining room renovation reveal

You'll never guess which items in this photo were thrifted! I'll be sharing the answer to that in my full final reveal. I'm so happy with how the dining room turned out! And I'm excited to be on the verge of a modern farmhouse decor adventure. Hope you'll stick around for the fun stuff!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my
Farmhouse Friday #3 and 
Mini Dining Room Reveal.
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My thrift store addiction said...

It looks great! I know it must feel great to finally have it finished!

Cecilia said...

Yay for a finished room! Definitely go with floating shelves - you could make them fit the space perfectly and as deep as you'd like so they don't hog space. You're at what I call the fun stage - decorating! Enjoy creating your space!


Kathy said...

I liked both of your corner china cupboards before the redo, but they don't look like they go in the new room as is. I love all china cupboards, that's me (I have 2 so far!). I also think a shallow Welsh dresser (open shelves with table legs or drawers) might be worth looking can take you time looking for exactly what you want! Do you need the storage space of a buffet (another one of my favorites) on one of the long walls? It's a great way to hide, oops, store, extra linens and big serving pieces, plus gives you a great place for tablescapes that aren't on the dinner table! Is the room going to be casual or a bit dressier? That may help in your final decisions, too! The room is definitely lovely and waiting for it's final touches.

Diana said...

Ha ha--I'm guessing everything in the photo was thrifted :) Everything is coming together so terrifically, Kathleen. Love the colors you chose and the fabric for the curtains as well. Nicely done!

Unknown said...

I'm not one to advise on decor, but I love the "less is more" mentality. Floating shelves sound like a good idea to me. When you tire of them, or the trend changes, you can always replace with furniture then. Love the curtains!

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