Farmhouse Friday and Dining Room Renovation

September 1, 2017

Farmers Market Bag Eat Local Filled With Dried Hydrangeas

Things have been crazy around here due to our ongoing renovations. I'm currently in the process of sifting through all my "before" and "during" dining room renovation photos to share with you. In the mean time, I thought I'd start making Fridays into "Farmhouse Friday" at least until my dining room and living room renovations and decorating are finished.

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Decor ideas are swirling around in my head faster than you can say re-de-cor-ate! It's fun to dream, but then reality always steps in at the last minute and wakes me up. I have to be frugal in any and all decor changes/additions that I want to become reality, so my thrifty side has kicked into high gear! Some things I know I can get at a discount or thrifted and others, well, let's just say that I can always hope for a sale, right? And I'm sure you're not surprised to learn that I will be going for a farmhouse feel throughout the two rooms. 

Modern Farmhouse Style Galvanized Bucket Flowers

So I present to very first Farmhouse Moodboard. The pictures on it represent decor items that I feel would make great additions to any modern farmhouse. Everyone probably has their own definition and vision of what "farmhouse" style means to them. These items represent a small glimpse into what I consider to be my personal modern farmhouse style.   

You can get to each item just by clicking on its name above. I've provided the list for your shopping convenience. If you click on it and ultimately buy the product I will get a small commission but it is at no additional cost to you! I ultimately plan on having a comprehensive farmhouse Moodboard but for now I will be sharing in weekly installments. 

Wish me luck! 

And let me know what YOUR 
farmhouse style looks like 
in the comments below!

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Farmers Market Bag Eat Local Filled With Dried Hydrangeas

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Kathy said...

I think my style is leaning toward romantic country but I love vintage stuff and it's hard not to love vintage kitchen--baskets, graters, wooden utensils, crocks, tins. Thrifted baskets decorate the soffit over the kitchen cupboards on one wall. An accordion hat rack holds coffee mugs on another. I have a few Jello/copper molds over the fridge. A shelf over my back door holds vintage and vintage-look tins and my favorite sign that says, "If you come to see me come any time, night or day. If you come to see my house, me an appointment."

My thrift store addiction said...

Ooh I love all of your inspiration pieces! I think I lean more toward French farmhouse which usually includes vintage pieces ;) Can't want to see your renovated room!

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