Mini Flower Frog Love

September 13, 2017

vintatge flower frogs

Are these not the cutest vintage alphabet cards you've ever seen? I knew right away when I first saw them at the Randolph Street Market in Chicago back in July that I had to have them and the mini flower frogs that were being used to display them!

vintage flower frogs

Here are the two atop each other with that cute little bunny. It was such a great day when I found these since my sister and her family were visiting from Philadelphia and we had such a nice time together.

vintage flower frogs

I was reminded why I love the Randolph Street Market all over again. I hadn't been there in many months so I really appreciated being there.  

vintage flower frogs

There's music and food and sometimes even dancing. What flea market can you say that about?

vintage flower frogs

I've always been a huge fan of vintage alphabet cards, so much so that I decorated my son's room in vintage-inspired ones when he was a baby. He started high school this year!

vintage flower frogs

The cards encircled the room. He used to wake up from his nap and start reciting the alphabet, using the cards as his guide.  They had such great pictures to go along with the letters.

vintage flower frogs

Here are the flower frogs sans alphabet cards.

vintage flower frogs

And here they are atop each other.  They really are too cute. The pictures do not convey how small they are. I'm holding out for a flower frog mini Christmas tree this year.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my 
 Mini Flower Frog Love. 
Thanks for spending time with me today!

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vintage flower frogs

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Barb said...

Flower frogs are so fun! They are great to display old post cards, valentines, pictures & I use one in the kitchen to hold recipe cards. If you haven't used one to arrange flowers, do! Makes it easy to use sooo many containers & your arrangements will great!

Barb said...

Will LOOK great!!!

Diana said...

Your frogs are adorable, Kathleen--I like the little ones too :) The cards are pretty sweet, too.

My thrift store addiction said...

These are just darling! Love the art on the alphabet cards too ;)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love your mini flower'll have fun with them all year!

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