DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Chalkboard Sign Decor

December 6, 2018

Dollar Tree mini chalkboard DIY wreath Merry ornament

DIY Christmas decor doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Today’s DIY project -- a Dollar Tree Christmas chalkboard sign -- is clear evidence of that. Whether it's from Dollar Tree or Target, a big box craft store or online, you can always pick up inexpensive supplies to help you create a statement Christmas decor piece that's super easy to make. 

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Have you ever seen something while out shopping and said to yourself, "I can make that?" That's what I did on a recent holiday shopping excursion. I took a picture of something for reference and then went home and made it! It was very simple to make and the best part is that the main components came from Dollar Tree. 



wreath scissors chalkboard ornament

2. Roll of faux evergreen mini garland (I got mine for 50% off at Hobby Lobby)

or Dollar Tree Christmas House Garland Ties

or Christmas Wired Pine Garland Ties

3. Dollar Tree Christmas ornament of your choice (I chose a simple piece of wood with pine cones and the word Merry)  

4.Twine (mine came already attached to the chalkboard)

5. Scissors

(List Continued Below):

burlap ribbon candy striped ribbon buffalo check ribbbon

6. Festive ribbon of choice

chalkboard house ornament Santa Claus approved gift tag red truck ornament with Christmas tree

7. ornaments or gift tags

8. Duck tape 


1. Cut your faux mini garland to size depending on the size of your chalkboard. Form the garland into a circle and twist the ends around each other to hold it all together, trying to make the circle look as seamless as possible.  

2. Measure your ribbon before cutting it. Figure out how much you'll need to wrap around/through the wreath and then drape over the back of the chalkboard where you can either glue it or duct tape it to secure it. Mine was extremely lightweight, so I didn't need a lot of tape. Depending on the weight of your ornament you will have to adjust how you secure it accordingly. 

3. I made my wreath just large enough to encircle and literally hold up my ornament so I didn't have to worry about gluing it. If your ornament lies flat then you can do the same. However, depending on the shape of your ornament, you may need to hang it from the top of the wreath with twine (in place of an ornament hook) that gets duct taped to the back side of your ribbon. 
4. If your chalkboard does not come with hanging twine attached, you will have to do the same as with the ribbon -- measure first, then cut it and attach to the back of the chalkboard with duct tape. Then you're all ready to hang it. 

Dollar Tree mini chalkboard DIY wreath Merry ornament

And voila. I love how it turned out. I also love how such a simple and inexpensive project can have such an impact.    

Christmas wreath peace joy script chalk marker buffalo burlap ribbon

This was my inspiration for the project. I saw them at a local shabby chic Christmas open house. I think the wreaths were made from Dollar Tree Christmas House Garland Ties. I picked some up for myself weeks ago when they first came out because I could see many uses for them around the holidays. They're fluffier than the faux garland from Hobby Lobby that I used. You can also use Christmas Wired Pine Garland Ties. I listed chalk or chalk markers in the supply list in case you want to make yours like these. Again, they're very simple but create a beautiful visual impact.       

vintage farmhouse scale olive buckets bottle brush trees merry joy

I love how it looks hanging from my vintage scale. I'm hoping to make a few more and hang them up around the house before Christmas.  

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my 
DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Chalkboard Decor.

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Merry ornament chalkboard sign ribbon tower farmhouse scale

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Kathy said...

Great easy project and a great stash buster, too. I have a lot of the "ingridients" already. Kids could even make them for their teacher! One great thing about your duct tape, you can upcycle the blackboard for another holiday. Simple combined with impressive is a great combo!

My thrift store addiction said...

So fun, Kathleen!

Kippi O'Hern said...

I am in love with these chalkboard ideas. I have to run and see if I can get any garland so I can make some.

Merry Christmas, Kippi

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