Vintage-Inspired Christmas Vignette With Bottle Brush Trees And Mini Deer

December 10, 2018

decorated spool bottle brush tree deer glitter

There's nothing cuter than a vintage-inspired mini Christmas scene to brighten up a spot on your mantel, side table or empty shelf. Displayed alone or with other holiday decor, it creates a magical winter wonderland you can enjoy all season long. My vintage-inspired Christmas vignette with bottle brush trees and mini deer is definitely one of those fun and easy DIY crafts that I know will be brought out, displayed and enjoyed year after year.

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   cake plate vignette bottle brush trees cars Christmas tree farm

One of my favorite DIY Christmas scenes is definitely my vintage-inspired Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Farm. I really had a blast putting it all together. I especially love the aqua retro roadster with the Christmas tree on top. Today's project is a bit simpler than the tree farm but I love it just the same.


mod podge ribbon sponge brush twine bottle brush tree deer figurine glitter

(Note: I used Mod Podge Matte, but glitter is always better!)

3. ribbon of your choice (or patterned paper)

8. glue


Step 1. Cut your decorative ribbon or patterned paper to proper size and glue it all the way around the core section of the empty spool. I used an empty ribbon spool.

Step 2. Cut twine to size and tie it into a knot or bow at the top front of the spool core.  

Step 3. Place your mini deer, trees, etc. onto the spool to see about placement. Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, glue each one into place.  

Step 4. Using your foam brush or a small paint brush, generously apply Mod Podge to the spool's top base, covering the surface that's not already taken up by your figurines. 

Step 5. Place the spool on a piece of paper. Gently pour your glitter over the entire scene, not worrying about any glitter that falls onto the figurines. Once you have a generous coating of glitter on the spool, turn it upside down over the piece of paper and shake off any excess glitter. 

Step 6. Apply Mod Podge all around the spool's bottom edge and once again pour a generous amount of glitter over it for a good coating. Turn the spool sideways over the paper and gently shake off excess glitter. You can then pour all the excess glitter back into the jar for future use. 

flocked bottle brush tree mini deer figurine

I've always prided myself on my collection of DIY snow globes, but this mini forest scene was so simple to make and looks so cute that I think it gives my snow globes a run for their money. 

gumball machine Christmas vignette faux snow bottle brush trees

If you're interested in learning about other ways to create mini Christmas scenes be sure to check out Gumball Machine Waterless Snow Globes and  How To Create Waterless Christmas Snow Globes. 

burlap Dollar Tree Christmas ribbon

I love the contrast between the candy cane striped twine and the burlap ribbon.

Martha Stewart iridescent glitter snow burlap Christmas ribbon

Here you can see the glitter "snow" on the bottom base of the spool. 

You can always substitute whatever figurines you'd like, as well as any ribbon or patterned Christmas paper you desire. 

bottle brush tree deer figurine ribbon spool

You can even mix and match different sizes of spools for a more visually pleasing display. I need to get myself additional spools before I can make any more of these darling Christmas forest scenes. I do have a new take on actual Christmas snow globes that I'll be sharing with you soon.  

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my 
Vintage-Inspired Christmas Vignette 
With Bottle Brush Trees And Mini Deer.

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Christmas vignette spool bottle brush tree mini deer

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Kathy said...

I love minis in a vignette! Here in Maine, deer and pine trees are almost mandatory in decor. I am quite sure I am the only wise guy to have a flocked moose among the camels in my Nativity set; no one ever looks close enough to notice; it's my secret!

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