Thrill of the Hunt #82

February 18, 2019

Welcome, friends, to another fun-filled Thrill of the Hunt post where I share my latest thrifty vintage finds with you. I'm excited to get started so here goes!
Sometimes I find I'm on a roll and certain treasures just pop up on my radar. In Thrill of the Hunt #81 I shared with you a vintage Inarco Virgin Mary statue. Well, right after I found her my daughter brought home a surprise.

vintage chalkware infant of prague statue

She knows me too well. I collect vintage Infant of Prague statues and this one's a keeper. She got it for free so there's that, too.

The chippy, shabby nature of some of these statues is exactly what  makes them so endearing to me.

red foil label Handpainted Japan ART

The foil sticker states: "Hand Painted ART Japan."

Under the sticker is printed 552/650, so it looks like only 650 of these were made. The year is not evident, but it is definitely vintage. The history of the Infant of Prague is too long and complicated (in my opinion) to go into here. But suffice it to say that I grew up with one of these statues in my very Irish Catholic home.

Vintage Infant of Prague chalk statue

Here's a vintage chalkware Infant of Prague from my collection that I shared in Thrill of the Hunt #24.

Here is my newest addition with the Inarco Virgin Mary.

I love randomly displaying vintage religious statues. Right now I have a collection amassed on a vintage side table in the dining room. 

Now on to something not even remotely related to vintage religious statutes -- vintage lusterware pelican salt and pepper shakers.

vintage gold iridescent pelican salt and pepper shakers

I picked these up at -- where else -- Goodwill. I loved the gold accents and thought they were pretty cute. 

It's frustrating that I don't always know the age of my finds. However, I can sometimes find clues to give me an idea as to their age. For these two, the clue was that they had cork stoppers instead of plastic ones. Cork stoppers tell me the shakers are vintage, although I don't know the exact year corks went out of favor and plastic took their place. It also says "Japan" on the bottom of each. This same set selling on Etsy says they're from the 1940's but I don't believe they're that old.

The gold is worn off the top of one of the pelican's heads, obviously the favorite shaker. Can you guess what it was used for? Salt! Many times salt and pepper shakers have a different number of holes in the top. Growing up I always thought the salt shaker was supposed to have more holes but I've learned through years of collecting that sometimes it's just the opposite, or like these two, they both have the same amount of holes. 

I love that they're so colorful and iridescent, and are painted in such detail. Vintage Lusterware Pelican Salt and Pepper Shakers are SOLD.

blue white porcelain cats made in thailand

The menagerie of salt and pepper shaker animals continues with these blue and white porcelain cat shakers.

They say "Made In Thailand" and have rubber stoppers (versus corks) but other than that I have no identifying marks so I'm not sure of their age.

This set is an example of one where each piece has a different number of shaker holes on top -- one for salt and one for pepper. Any idea which is which? I have no idea. 

It certainly isn't Delft Blue china (which hearkens from the Netherlands) but it does remind me of it. They're in pretty much pristine condition. Perfect for resale in my Etsy shop -- I'll be listing them soon.

Well, that's it for today's hunt! I hope you've been inspired to get out there and find a few thrifty vintage finds of your own!

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Well, that's it for today's hunt! I hope you've been inspired to get out there and find a few thrifty vintage finds of your own!

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maypop said...

I've always thought that salt shakers had fewer holes than pepper shakers. I think it's so that people don't put too much salt on their food. Love the blue and white cat shakers, though!

Kathy said...

Loved your shakers! As we both have high blood pressure, the shaker with more holes is for pepper at our house. And the big kitchen shaker has potassium salt! I don't know the Infant of Prague story but have an appreciation for Catholic statues from my late Irish M-I-L. The delicacy of their faces just fascinates me! Hope your recovery comes along quickly!

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