Farmhouse Living Room Fall Decor And New Ela Patchwork Rug

September 9, 2019

blue faux pumpkin farmhouse beads chippy corbel fall lantern

With fall on its way here in the Midwest I've been ramping up my fall decor, especially in the living room. So today I'm sharing some fall touches that I hope will inspire you, as well as a very special, beautiful new rug that I believe really pulls the space together.

The rug was provided by Sukhi, but all opinions are my own. To read more, please see my disclosure page.

Sukhi tag Ela patchwork rug

When I was contacted by Sukhi I immediately went to their website and began scouring all the lovely handmade rugs they have to offer. I quickly fell in love with the Ela overdyed patchwork rug. The Ela patchwork rug was made in Turkey, but Sukhi also makes rugs in Nepal, Morocco and India. Their social mission is to provide its workers with better than average wages and the opportunity to work from home. They've made a video that explains a little bit about their mission and its social impact on the women who make the rugs, as well as on their families and communities. 

corner electric fireplace Sukhi patchwork rug bergere chairs fall decor

Overdyed patchwork rugs are modern with a vintage flair. I've wanted one for a long time and was thrilled to get this one. I think the colors go so well in my neutral farmhouse living room. I also think that it pulls the fireplace side of the room together beautifully.

overdyed patchwork farmhouse rug

overdyed patchwork farmhouse rug

My patchwork rug was made in Turkey and is made out of wool, cotton and goat hair with a cotton backing. Sukhi also makes patchwork rugs made out of eco-friendly hemp.

bergere chair knit throw tassels velvet pumpkin pillow stenciled box spindles white birch logs

Now back to the fall decor reveal: a Farm Fresh Pumpkin pillow sits on one of my thrift store bergere chairs, along with a soft and cuddly throw blanket with playful tassels.

velvet pumpkin pillow fall decor knit throw tassels bergere chair

Sukhi patchwork rug bergere chair neutral pillow knit throw tassels

Again, you can see how the patchwork rug's colors go so well with my neutral furniture and decor. 

fall lantern hand-stamped book bundles white corbel lambs ear

I love being able to change up this mantel for the seasons. I've come to rely on lanterns more and more in my decor, and that's obvious here. Lambs ear and mini pumpkins add the prefect fall touch. And battery-operated candles create a warm glow at night. The Be Still And Know hand-stamped deconstructed book bundle was a recent DIY.    

blue faux pumpkin farmhouse beads chippy corbel fall lantern

I fell in love with this blue pumpkin at Wal-Mart. I was lucky to get the last two. Due to the unbelievably affordable prices the shelves were nearly bare. 

faux blue pumpkin decor wooden farmhouse beads tassel

Be Still And Know book bundle lambs ear

This "Autumn Leaves" sign is from Target's Bullseye Playground. It was $3.00. I hung it from my vintage flea market ladder and framed it with some Dollar Tree fall leaves garland for effect. 

knit throw tassels chair living room decor

I've come to love my soft, cream-colored throws with fluffy, playful tassels. They work well draped over the thrifted vintage bergere chairs.

square tobacco basket fern wreath white clip-on pumpkins fireplace

I was so proud of myself when I figured out how to hang this Ballard Designs tobacco tray knock-off with DIY leather handles onto the glass front of the fireplace without permanently harming the glass. It might seem obvious to some people, but it wasn't obvious to me. I might even do a quick blog post about it. I attached Dollar Tree clip-on pumpkins to the fern wreath and then tied the wreath to the basket. Then up it went.  

rustic barn painting vintage farmhouse ladder patchwork rug

The inexpensive Dollar General rustic barn painting hangs from the bottom of my vintage ladder. It, too, is placed inside a tobacco basket with a hanging boxwood wreath, another one of my favorite decorating go-tos. Again you can see how the muted colors of the Ela patchwork rug blend in so well with my furniture and farmhouse decor.

Sage Farm Seed Co. stenciled wooden box spindles white birch logs fall decor

This stenciled wooden crate is another DIY project I had fun creating. I've filled it with chippy vintage spindles and rustic white birch logs. 

overdyed farmhouse Ela patchwork rug living room fall decor

And here it is again - the new Ela patchwork rug from Sukhi that pulls this part of the room together so beautifully. I really can't wait until it's actually cold enough to turn on the fireplace and enjoy the space even more. 

corner electric fireplace Sukhi patchwork rug bergere chairs fall decor

Thank you again to Sukhi for giving me the opportunity to experience one of their many beautiful, hand crafted rugs and share in their special social mission. Did I mention that the word Sukhi means "happy?" You can always feel good about purchasing a rug from Sukhi, knowing that they value fair wages and treat their artisans all over the world with dignity and respect.   

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 

I hope I've inspired you in some way
and that you've enjoyed reading about 
my Farmhouse Living Room Fall Decor 
and New Ela Patchwork Rug.

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blue faux pumpkin farmhouse beads chippy corbel fall lantern
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Sarah said...

Kathleen, your room looks inviting and cozy with your fall accents and that beautiful rug. Happy Autumn!

My thrift store addiction said...

What a great rug! Love your fall decor in the living room!

Unique creations by Anita said...

So many interesting items in your home.

Anonymous said...

It's like the Ela rug was made specifically for your home, Kathleen! It adds so much warmth, depth and texture to your home and completes your vintage fall decor perfectly. Thank you so much for your support!

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