8 Reasons Why I Don't Participate In Blogger Holiday Home Tours

December 21, 2019

I love checking out fellow bloggers' holiday home tours just as much as the next girl. But I could never see myself participating in one. Why, you ask? Well, there are a number of reasons why I won't participate in bloggers' holiday home tours. Today I'll share some of those reasons with you. I'll also be sharing a few pictures of my own holiday home decor, since those have been few and far between this Christmas season.


  • I never quite feel like I'm finished decorating
  • I never like how things look even when I'm "finished"
  • I find it impossible to have every room, or even most of the rooms, in good enough shape to share all at the same time  
  • I'm not good at photography
  • I'm even worse at making videos
  • I'm afraid of criticism
  • I fall prey to the comparison game 
  • I've never once in my life matched my gift wrap to my Christmas tree ever (and those of you who do -- you know who you are)
So, there you have it. I'm sure I've left something out, but overall that's the gist. There are just too many bloggers out there these days with near perfect homes and lives. Or should I say virtual lives? Cause let's be honest -- no one can be all-perfect all the time, even if that's the image portrayed sometimes on blogs and social media. I know some bloggers go out of their way to show the reality behind their perfect photo-ops. But I really didn't see that become a thing until bloggers started getting criticized for showing nothing but perfection as the norm.

And while I say that I don't "do" holiday house tours, as in showing multiple, whole rooms, I do like to take random pictures of vignettes around the house and share them on the blog. The photos aren't professional looking by any means, and my decorating won't be winning any awards, but I do enjoy bringing in some festive touches as Christmas approaches. (And I can take a picture of, say, a Christmas mantel in the living room, without allowing you to see the mess that's on the floor right beneath said mantel.)  

So without further ado, I'll let the (many) pictures speak for themselves. (I may not be a great photographer, or world-class decorator, but no one can say that I don't take a lot of pictures, gosh darn it!)

Christmas greens wreath pine cone buffalo check ribbon

So yes, I can share a ton of photos. It's just that none of them are going to be of my full living room, dining room, family room, foyer, etc. But that's okay because that's how I roll. Lord knows there are a gajillion Holiday Home Tours out there for anyone who is interested. You'll just never find one here:)   

One of my goals for the new year is to stop comparing myself, my blog, my life with everyone else's and allow myself to be happy with me doing me. In reality I know I've been blessed beyond belief and I need to focus on THAT more often, rather than playing the comparison game. I hope if you've been feeling the same pressure that you can also take a step back, take a breath and move forward with confidence in yourself. Because you are definitely enough.   

Well, that's it for today, friends!
 I hope I've inspired you in some way 
and that you've enjoyed reading
8 Reasons Why I Don't Participate 
in Blogger Holiday Home Tours.

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Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Kathleen, I agree and very much see your point of view. I do enjoy Seasonal Home Tours, but I've never felt like I had to do each room, because like you, it's very stressful to come up with "perfection". I try to do a few spaces at a time and photograph those as I go. I'm more comfortable with vignettes and small areas. I look at some of these homes on tours and wonder how thier families feel about the blogging, and the time it must take to pull it off. Of course most of them are making big dollars so it's more of a job for them. No way when I had kids at home that I would have had time to do all that, not and spend quality time with my husband and kids. Love the small shots that focus on individual pieces, especially when they are vintage. Hope you're having a wonderful week before Christmas!

Carol said...

I love your décor as much of it is farmhouse centered. I don't find that I can do the whole home or that my rooms are perfect by any stretch of the imagination. My home is lived in and sometimes more than I would like it to be. We live on a farm. We have animals, mud, snow, wood heat, and many other things that take up my time. I just find that I share the best of what I have and can share.

Pamela ~ DIY vibes said...

I love so many of your Christmas pieces. Sometimes little touches here and there add more to a room then blown out, over the top decor. Hope you have a merry Christmas!!

Laura | Everyday Edits said...

hi kathleen,
I get it! And, I loved your blog post title! Do what works for you. I will say last year I started working on my photos and it is the most funstrating experience, but I love the challenge. I can see you are stepping it up too with your angles! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! My goal is to leave more comments! laura

Kathy said...

I love all the little vignettes and crafts that you show us. MY house is end stage clutter and I admire everyone else's "perfection." I think your photography, especially your step-by-step tutorials are great. I guess I don't need to see everyone's entire home--little bits of perfection are quite satisfactory for me!

BethGWilson said...

Loved this post! I seem to see the same white interiors this year, it all begins to look the same to me after a while. I love seeing your bits and pieces!

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