Thrill of the Hunt #100

July 13, 2020

Anchor Hocking Fire-ing Jane Ray Jade Ite tea cup saucer

Welcome, friends, to another fun-filled Thrill of the Hunt post where I share my latest thrifty (and usually) vintage finds with you. I can't believe that it's my 100th Thrill of the Hunt post! These particular finds were snagged up pre-Coronavirus so I'm glad I had them in my stash to share. I even have a new collection I'm excited to share so let's get started!

As I said in my last Thrill of the Hunt post, if you've followed me for any amount of time you probably know that I'm a sucker for vintage Christmas finds. Most finds are for resale in my Etsy shop, Vintage Farmhouse Love, while some of them I end up keeping for myself. Today I have one of each! I'm also going to share a special vintage gift I received from my daughter that just might become part of a new collection.

17 light angel tree top box

I couldn't believe it when I stumbled upon this vintage beauty at Goodwill. I mean, how cute is she? Vintage Christmas kitsch at its best. I had no idea if the lights worked but I bought her anyway for all of $2.99. 

vintage colored Christmas lights circle

There's not only a cute little angel, there's tinsel and colored lights. 

cherubic angel golden wings pearls tinsel lights

plastic star Christmas lights

I've seen this little angel on Etsy and eBay, and some of them are priced at $25.00. I guess my $2.99 was a bargain. I'm hoping my husband can figure out how to fix the lights so I can light her up properly. But even if I can't, I'll still love her and be sure to find a proper place to display her this Christmas.

Santa figurine ornament lion puppy

One of my best sellers has been Santa Claus-themed Christmas ornaments. I knew when I saw this one at Goodwill it was a winner.

Santa ornament white beard robe puppy wreath collar

 A very gentle-faced, white-clad Santa holding a Christmas puppy dog.

Christmas lion puppy Santa ornament

 He's also petting a lion at his feet.

San Francisco Music Box Company Marjorie Sarnat Peace Christmas ornament

The word "Peace" is inscribed at the bottom. It certainly does emanate a feeling of peacefulness. 
copyright Marjorie Sarnat The San Francisco Musci Box Company sticker Made in China

And the best part? It's a musical ornament! It was designed by Marjorie Sarnat from the San Francisco Music Box Company. It still plays three Christmas songs, albeit faintly: Jingle Bells, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and We Wish You A Merry Christmas. I'm not sure if there's a replaceable battery or not. I didn't want to risk breaking it by trying to take it apart. Someone more familiar with these types of ornaments will hopefully know the answer.

Santa ornament white robe blue mittens hat lion puppy

This Marjorie Sarnat for San Francisco Music Box Company's Peace Santa Musical Ornament is SOLD.

jadeite tea cup saucer Fire-King Anchor Hocking brand

 Last Christmas I received, of all things, an Etsy gift certificate, from my oldest daughter. Being an Etsy seller myself, I truly appreciated it. I sat on it for a few months before eventually deciding on just the perfect "Christmas present" for myself. I chose this vintage Fire-King Jane Ray Jade Ite tea cup and saucer and couldn't have been happier. It was only $16.75.

Demitasse cup and saucer set Jane Ray Jade Ite Anchor Hocking

I say "only" because I later found it on for $79.95. Exact. Same. Thing. Yay me!

jadeite tea cup saucer Jane Ray pattern

jadeite saucer

jadeite tea cup causer pink ranunculus stem

It's always fun to display your collections in different ways and as part of your decor. 

vintage jadeite egg cup

Prior to acquiring the teacup and saucer I also had this vintage jadeite egg cup I bought over 20 years ago at an antique shop.

jadeite sugar bowl

In recent years I bought this sugar bowl I found at a barn sale for $3.00.

 Anchor Hocking Jane Ray Jade Ite sugar bowl farmhouse beads
It's from Anchor-Hocking's Jane Ray Fire-King Jade Ite dinnerware collection (just like the tea cup and saucer), made somewhere between 1945 and 1963.

 jadeite sugar bowl blue faux pumpkin farmhouse beads

I love the pattern's vertical lines and curvy detailed handles.

 Anchor Hocking Fire-King Jane Ray Jade Ite Open Sugar Bowl

Without the lid this sugar bowl is selling on for $17.99. With the lid it's going for $49.99! Odds are probably pretty low that I'll ever find the lid, but a girl can dream.

green hobnail jadeite glass votive holder

Ironically, the same daughter who bought me the Etsy gift certificate last Christmas also bought me another jadeite piece for Christmas two years ago -- a hobnail jadeite votive holder.

white hobnanil glass jadeite hobnail glass pink hobnail glass votive holder

I clearly love this style of votive holder as I've already shared these white and pink Dollar Tree hobnail votive holders in Dollar Tree Treasures #1

Pioneer Woman jadeite creamer

Last but not least I have to mention my Wal-Mart jadeite purchases. The Pioneer Woman collection at Wal-Mart has come out with some very pretty imitation jadeite pieces -- and I picked up the creamer and sugar bowl for a song last year. 

Pioneer Woman jadeite sugar bowl with lid

While it's technically not true jadeite, I still consider it a welcome addition to my growing jadeite collection.

Anchor Hocking Jane Ray Fire-King Jade Ite tea cup sauer hobnail votive holder egg cup sugar bowl Pioneer Woman faux jadeite

Well, that's it until next time, friends!

 I hope you enjoyed reading 

  Thrill of the Hunt #100

 and that I've inspired you in some way.

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Anchor Hocking Fire-ing Jane Ray Jade Ite tea cup saucer

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My thrift store addiction said...

I rarely see good buys on jadeite on Etsy, so great find! The teacups are so lovely!

MaidenLady said...

Hi Kathleen, your Jade-ite pieces are wonderful. I love to find vintage items in thrift shops. I have a comment on the santa ornament. I think santa is holding a lamb, not a dog, because of the reference in the Bible of "The lamb with the lion" – "a child will lead them" most generally related to peace. The symbol is used in both Christianity and Judaism. The ornament is a wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing these items. ~ carol @

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Kathleen,
Wow score on the Jade cup and saucer. What a great treasure. Love the vintage angel tree topper too. It is so fun to find those blast from the past pieces. She is so cute. Happy Wednesday. xoxo

Kathy said...

Love the Jadeite collection! I only have 3 pieces-a new cakeplate, 2 old mixing bowls. I keep my eyes out, though! I collect small Santas and am always pleased when I find another one. My fave is from my daughter--music box. Santa with his hat in his hands kneeling in front of the Manger! I recently got a tree topper (missing one crystal that surrounds the light bulb. It didn't work; I went around the circle and pushed all the bulbs in, and it worked. So I don't know which bulb it was! There are little inexpensive gadgets called bulb testers; had a friend who used to pay my son to find the blown lights on her Christmas lights!

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