How To Decorate A Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom

November 7, 2020


flocked Christmas tree master bedroom red quilt

Have you ever decorated a farmhouse Christmas bedroom? Some people do it every year. Me? Not so much. Honestly, I never gave it much thought. But this year all that changed and I finally joined the ranks of the Christmas bedroom decorators' club! And whether you're a die-hard Christmas bedroom fan or a newbie like me, I'd love for you to stick around so I can inspire you with some tips and tricks on how to decorate a farmhouse Christmas bedroom.    

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 How To Decorate A  Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom

Start By Decorating A Flocked Farmhouse Artificial Christmas Tree

1. Pick A Theme

While I decorated the entire master bedroom, I'm going to start with how I decorated the tree. I've never decorated a themed Christmas tree, but this time I knew it was meant to be after receiving an awesome 8 foot flocked artificial spruce tree. I had so many ideas that I had to make a list and narrow it down. Unsurprisingly, I decided on a buffalo check farmhouse Christmas theme. I had a blast decorating it (and the master bedroom along with it) and now I'm totally ready to tackle the Christmas season head-on.



Using buffalo check to decorate for Christmas is kind of a no-brainer for me. Luckily I already had quite a bit of it on hand to get me started. I've never used ribbon (as opposed to garland) to decorate a tree before, but this time I really went for it -- with buffalo check crinkle ribbon. You can read about what I used and where to get it in Affordable Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments. For my 8-foot tall tree I used two and a half (15 feet long by 4.5 inch wide) rolls. I did not cover the back since the tree was in the corner. You'll need more ribbon if you're covering the entire tree. 

While some people place the ribbon on first, I added it after most of the ornaments were already hung, draping it strategically to fill in any bare spots. But I'm getting ahead of myself.  


2. Chooses A Color Scheme 

I knew I wanted more than black and white (and red and black) buffalo check on my tree. To that end, I'm blessed to have a ton of vintage red glass ball ornaments from my husband's family to choose from. I really went to town adding those ornaments because I absolutely LOVE the pops of red! And what other color is complimentary to the buffalo check pattern and red glass ornaments? Silver! 

Believe it or not, every silver ornament came from Dollar Tree. Mixing rustic and glam (as in glittery silver balls) you capture the best of both worlds. And the juxtaposition between the two makes for a very visually pleasing Christmas tree. The sparkly red ball came from Dollar tree as well.


3. Choose And Gather Your Ornaments

Black And White Buffalo Check Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments 


After deciding to use the buffalo check ribbon, I set out hanging some of my many buffalo check ornaments. One of my favorites is this adorable felted buffalo check gift box ornament. Many of these ornaments are embellished with burlap or jute, and greens and berries, which gives them a real rustic touch.  

I also love my felted buffalo check Christmas ball ornaments embellished with pearls. I picked them up at Hobby Lobby last year and they're carrying them again this year if you're interested.

Last year I found these buffalo check twisty clips (technical term) at Wal-Mart.You can bend and twist them into what ever shape you like. I pulled mine apart to look like flowers, or stars.


Black And Red Buffalo Check Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Who says black and white buffalo check is the only kind of buffalo check? Au contraire -- black and red buffalo check is another fabulous farmhouse color combo that adds a great pop of color to the tree. This ornament and the following four ornaments were from Dollar Tree. 

As I said in Affordable Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments, Dollar Tree has really outdone themselves this year with their expanded line of Christmas tree ornaments. The burlap, pine cones, greens and berries all take it up a notch.

I absolutely love this adorable Christmas tree-shaped buffalo check ornament.

More Farmhouse Themed Ornaments

I shared so many great and affordable farmhouse Christmas tree ornaments in Affordable Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments. This is one of them. It's a mini replica of that popular Christmas tree farm- themed sign we've been seeing for the past fewChristmases. I got it at Wal-Mart.

This Wal-mart ornament is a mix of rustic wood and galvanized letters that say Merry Christmas. I think it really says  farmhouse.

I couldn't help myself when I saw this red plaid Christmas wreath ornament at Wal-Mart. In addition, I should mention that I also used two faux cranberry and popcorn garlands (you can see here) which I got at Hobby Lobby last year. Those are uber-farmhouse!
The white and silver snowflake was another Dollar Tree ornament I fell in love with. It's hard to tell from the picture but it's actually huge.

I bought this wooden Merry Christmas ornament last year at Wal-Mart. For more information about all the other ornaments on the tree, be sure to visit Affordable Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments.
Okay so what have we learned so far about decorating a Christmas tree? 1. Pick a theme. 2. Pick a color scheme. 3. Pick your ornaments. Then decorate away!

 Popular Farmhouse Christmas Decor Accessories

In addition to Christmas tree ornaments, there are a number of ways you can add farmhouse flair to your Christmas bedroom.


1. Bedding

It's always nice to be able to switch up the bedding around the holidays, whether it be in your own room, a kid's room or even a guest room (although this year there may not be any guests visiting due to the pandemic). The selection of quilts range anywhere from straight plaid patterns to hygge style to full-on country Christmas-themed. You can also add a nice pop of color by using colorful sheets and a soft, cozy throw

For my room, I started with a plain, white king-sized down comforter as a kind of canvas to build upon.



Then I folded a twin-sized down comforter with a red-checked duvet cover across the bottom of the bed. 

2. Pillows

Another way you can add Christmas flair to your farmhouse Christmas bedroom is with Christmas pillows.Whether it's a set of matching farmhouse pillow covers like these:

 or some warm and cozy knit pillow covers like these: 

One trick I like to use is to buy pillow covers (rather than pillows). That way you can just take one cover off and place a new cover on without buying brand new pillows. To do that you'll need pillow inserts like these:

I used these same inserts covered with red checked pillow covers from Ikea.

I don't know if Ikea still carries them, but you can get similar red checked farmhouse Christmas pillow covers online. Once Christmas is over I can unzip the covers and start all over again. 
I also used twin sized toile pillow shams for a shabby chic contrasting look. 

The little pillow in front is one of five pillows I made out of Target place mats. 


3. Throws


I like to put throw blankets in a category all by themselves, like pillows. Both can really change the atmosphere of a room. This knit throw with tassels is one of my favorites. They always look nice draped over the corner at the foot of the bed.

They also create a cozy look draped over a chair. This large chunky knit blanket is my absolute favorite of all time. I also placed another pillow from Big Lots here to create a cozy reading nook corner. 


4. Signs


Christmas signs, or wall art, can really set the theme, or tone, in your farmhouse Christmas bedroom. I thought this subdued wooden sign was perfect for the rustic mantel look I was going for.

This vintage-inspired DIY holiday ski sign is a project I put together last Christmas with thrift store and Goodwill finds. Right now it's in the bedroom but it can be easily moved anywhere in the house later if I think it will look better somewhere else. Right now it's sitting on a tall dresser next to the reading nook.


This large tin Christmas Tree Farm sign is placed on top of a different dresser. I took this picture facing the large mirror behind the sign so it's actually a reflection of the rest of the room. I love the sign's vintage vibe.

In order to keep this post from becoming a novel, I'm listing some additional elements that I've used to create that farmhouse Christmas look in my bedroom (list is not exhaustive by any means): 

5. Small pine trees

6. Wreaths 

7. Garlands

8. Fairy lights

9. Candles

10. Lanterns

12. Stockings

13. Gift Boxes 

14. Sleigh Bells

Again, the list is by no means exhaustive. Now I'll leave you with the pictures below for some more farmhouse Christmas bedroom inspiration.

artificial spruce Christmas tree pre-lit decorated toile Christmas stockings mantel

Christmas mantel flocked garland taper candles

flocked farmhouse Christmas tree wicker tree collar

decorated Chrismas tree farmhouse Christmas bedding

buffalo check pillow white chunky knit throw

Christmas gift tower buffalo check ribbon gift box

red toile Christmas stocking fireplace wrapped Christmas gifts birch logs

white slipcover arm chair chunky knit throw wrapped gift boxes Merry pillow white fuzzy slippers

large chunky knit blanket white slipcover red plaid gift sack with fur ball ties

knit throw tassels bed Christmas tree red check pillows

white LED taper candles pine cones flocked garland mantel

rusty sleigh bells red berries flocked spruce garland

red white toile Christmasstocking mantel birch logs

white bedside table aluminum birch log bucket fireplace mantel toile Christmas stockings

white firepalce mantel 4 red toile Christmas stockings wrapped Christmas gifts

decorated Chrismas tree farmhouse Christmas bedding

Well, that's it until next time, friends!
 I hope you enjoyed reading about 
How To Decorate A 
Christmas Bedroom
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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flocked Christmas tree master bedroom red quilt
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Karolyn said...

Oh My Goodness...what a beautiful Christmas bedroom!!! I would NOT want to leave it in the morning! You did a wonderful job with your decorations and it really just says Farmhouse Christmas!!! Love it!

Junkchiccottage said...

Your bedroom looks so great. Oh I love a Christmas tree in the bedroom. Just soooooooo pretty. I bet at night you just swoon. xoxo Kris

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