How To Hang a Botanical Print In Front of A Fireplace

June 29, 2021

Botanical prints come in all shapes and sizes. Today I'm sharing how I hung my oversized botanical print poster in front of my faux fireplace to create a cozy ambiance in our master bedroom.   

The oversized botanical poster was provided by Photowall. However, all opinions are my own.

botanical print poster hanging fireplace


    cathedral arches potted plants book bundles fireplace botanical

When I received this awesome oversized botanical print poster from Photowall I became very excited to hang it.* This particular print was chosen by my middle daughter to hang in her college apartment (which is darling, by the way). But for the summer she's staying here at home. Which means that I get to enjoy the poster's beauty for a few fleeting months before she takes it off to college with her.   

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leaf garland rattan pot wooden arches boxwood topiary

I've always been a huge fan of botanical prints. Over the years I've had various botanical prints and posters in different sizes hung in both my office and in my home. Hanging botanical prints is one way to bring nature into your home. Even if you don't have a green thumb for growing real plants you can always enjoy the natural beauty of a botanical print.

chunky knit throw baskets books botanical print fireplace

Photowall has a huge selection of botanical prints, from my poster entitled Victorian Garden IV, to herbs and spices, to mushrooms, to vegetables. They also have a staggering total of general overall themes to choose from -- (for murals, wallpaper, canvas prints and posters) i.e., animals, children, people, vintage, etc.

I ordered my poster not with a traditional frame, but with wooden poster hangers -- one for the top and one for the bottom of the poster. I really like the rustic farmhouse look it provides. 

The kit you'll receive comes with instructions on how to insert your poster into the wooden hangers. I will say that it's wise to flatten your poster first, as it will be curled up after having been stored in its mailing box. Once it's been flattened (I just used some heavy books over night) it will be much easier to insert and secure into the two hangers.

It also comes with a hanging cord, allen wrench (to help put the hangers together) and a nail for hanging. If you order an oversized print like I did (39.37" x 27.56") be on notice that putting it all together will be a two-person job.       

faux fireplace mantel display botanical print candles plants books

Once I realized I didn't have an empty wall anywhere large enough to accommodate this oversized poster, I knew I had to get creative. Thrilled to find out that it fit almost perfectly within the "frame" of our master bedroom faux fireplace, I simply hung a small 3M hook in the middle inside top of the fireplace opening. After adjusting the hanging cord to better fit the fireplace arrangement, I hung it on the hook and camouflaged the cord with faux greenery. And voila.

DIY Be Still And Know book bundle leaf topiary

One way to enhance the rustic farmhouse look is to add various textures to the mix, like this basket with a green leaf topiary and these DIY deconstructed hand-stamped book bundles.

shabby chic bedroom faux fireplace botanical poster wing chair

Some French farmhouse vibes are definitely going on in this corner of the room as well. What with the French atelier pillow, the shabby chic flea market table and the vintage church corbel. To say that I am loving it would be an understatement.

 shabby chic thrift store painted table vintage corbel

When I bought this table at a flea market it was egg shell blue. I painted it white and it became much more in line with my other shabby chic decor. I love it next to the fireplace and slipcovered wingback chair.

master bedroom faux fireplace hanging botanical print poster decor

cathedral arches potted plants book bundles fireplace botanical

I've decided I'm so in love with this dreamy French farmhouse look that I don't exactly want to give it away -- but a promise is a promise. So I'll enjoy it while I can and be happy that my dear daughter will get to enjoy it, too! She has the perfect spot to hang it just above the couch in her living room.

leaf garland rattan pot wooden arches boxwood topiary

A big thank you to Photowall for giving me the opportunity to review and enjoy this beautiful botanical print poster! 

 For a very special 25% discount use discount code ourhopefulhome25. It's good for any product on their website and it's good through August 29th, 2021! Enjoy!

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about

How To Hang A Botanical Print

 In Front Of A Fireplace 

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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Junkchiccottage said...

Looks beautiful Kathleen. Happy Wednesday. Have a great week. xoxo Kris

Kathy said...

I'm sure you will find another treasure before your daughter goes off to school. It may be time to bring in a large plant that has been outdoors all summer! Or something thrifted! A blue and white low pot with a spreading fern?I love the cool serene feel of your bedroom!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Gorgeous as always Kathleen! Featuring when my party opens up tonight. Thanks so much for sharing.

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