How To Display Fall Pumpkins The French Way

September 10, 2021

Vintage thrift store urns make great fall pumpkin displays, and if they can add a little French flair, then all the better!

blue faux pumpkin sheet moss French urn pedestal decor

 All you need is a chippy, shabby, French-style urn or planter, some moss and a faux (or real) pumpkin. 


faux Boston fern plant urn planter

I love vintage, I love all things French and I love thrifted home decor. I hit the trifecta at Goodwill this summer when I came across a beautiful urn that was inexpensive ($6.99) and incredibly detailed with French flair. Unfortunately, it came filled with a faux fern I had absolutely no interest in owning -- but no worries.

  green fern plant urn fireplace mantel decor

As far as faux ferns go it wasn't bad, once I gave the leaves a good fluffing. Regardless, I didn't buy the urn for the plant, so it had to come out. Usually you can just pull these faux plants out of some floral foam. Not so here. It was practically cemented into the urn. Luckily, my husband was able to chop away at the solid insides and yank the cement-like material and the fern out. 

distressed chippy shabby French urn planter

And the bones, my friends, the bones -- it looked liked something you might find at a brocante in France.

ornate French wreath ribbon urn planter

The intricate details, like this lovely wreath, were distressed beautifully, as was the entire urn. It was also quite substantial, or heavy, even after gutting it.

chipped porcelain urn planter
More lovely French chippy shabbiness.

 faux blue pumpkin French urn planter wood slice garland

I originally just plopped my favorite faux blue pumpkin on top of the urn. While it didn't look bad, I felt like it was missing something.

sheet moss pumpkin urn display moss ball decor
It could not have been more simple. I just placed some sheet moss around the top edges of the urn to create a kind of nest, if you will, for the pumpkin.

faux pumpkin fall French urn display

pedestal candleholders boxwood sheet moss blessings wood slice decoration

I think the moss was just what it needed.

 French frame chalkboard candles moss urn pumpkin

The farmhouse wood bead garland hanging on the pumpkin is from Wal-mart ($1.97). I loved the saying ("blessings") and the fact that it's written on a rustic wood slice. My goal is to use mostly rustic and natural decor elements this fall.

three French urns white baby boo pumpkins amber vase

I had fun pulling together these three additional thrift store urns I already had. And baby boo pumpkins fit perfectly in all three. The moss in the middle urn is permanently attached inside it. You can learn all about that urn in Thrill of the Hunt #117.

wood bead garland amber bottle dried hydrangeas

Aren't those hydrangeas gorgeous? I love the hydrangeas in our yard this time of year. The vintage amber bottle is a recent purchase -- perfect timing for fall decorating, no? I got it at The Found Cottage Mercantile Market in Holland, Michigan last weekend. It's a huge, yearly vintage market that I'd heard a lot about and really wanted to experience. It did not disappoint. If I can find the time in the coming weeks I might just write a post about my excursion and -- ahem -- some other purchases as well!   

  Well, that's it until next time, friends!

 I hope you enjoyed reading about 
How To Display Fall Pumpkins The French Way
  and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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  blue faux pumpkin sheet moss French urn pedestal decor

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Debra@CommonGround said...

beautiful, amazing how a frenchy urn really "elevates" a pumpkin. The moss really sets it off and makes it special!

My thrift store addiction said...

I love urns and you've used them beautifully!

Junkchiccottage said...

Love this urn. It is so chippy and pretty. The pumpkin looks great. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo Kris

Lynne said...

Great find and you placed it in the perfect setting.
Lynne, Thrifting Wonderland

Kathy said...

Love all the urns; you can use them for all seasons with all kinds of toppers! Can't wait to see how you use them in future holidays!

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