How To Make A Rustic White Wool Yarn Christmas Tree

December 14, 2021

Today I'm sharing how to make your own white wool yarn Christmas tree.

three white wool christmas trees

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merry christmas wreath wall art glitter sheep white wool trees

Fluffy white yarn tabletop Christmas trees have become more and more popular over the past few years. And of course I've become a fan. I bought my first two yarn Christmas trees at a vintage Christmas event last year. Then this year I saw them again at another holiday event and bought one small one. 

white styrofoam cones

Of course three would never be enough for me. So when I saw these styrofoam cones at Dollar Tree I snagged up three of them, knowing exactly what I'd do with them.  

supplies for DIY white wool Christmas trees

Supplies For Making A White Wool Yarn Christmas Tree    

1. white fluffy yarn (or any color of your choice)

NOTE: (I used Hobby Lobby's "Yarn Bee" Brand in Astounding White, Super Bulky, Gauge 6, Acrylic 75%, Wool %15, Nylon 10%)

2. styrofoam cones or paper mache cones in various sizes (mine from Dollar Tree are 7" x 3")

NOTE: White cones work well with white yarn, however, many stores only sell green cones. Unless you're using green yarn on green cones, you might want to paint the cones the same color as the yarn you're using so that if the cone shows through it's not a problem. Just be sure to let the paint dry thoroughly before beginning with the yarn-wrapping. Acrylic paint works best.   

3. small wood slices for base of tree (not shown) (I used some craft wood slices I already had on hand, gluing three on top of each other to create each of the three tree bases)

wood sticks

4. twigs (or wooden dowels) for tree trunks (I got mine from the yard) 

5. glue gun and glue sticks (not shown)

7. wooden stars (mine are one inch) or any mini tree toppers you prefer

8. small white bottle brush trees (to use for the tips of your cones) or anything else you can find to use for this.

How To Make Your Own White Wool Yarn Christmas Tree    

wooden stick placed in styrofoam cone

1. To create your tree trunk, take one of your sticks and saw, chop or cut it down to size to match the dimensions of your cone. Then use it to poke an indentation into the middle of the bottom of the cone. 

bottom of white styrofoam cone with hole in it

Then put the stick aside for later.

white yarn white cone

2. Hot glue the starter end of the yarn to the bottom edge of your cone.

3. Start wrapping until you reach the top, making sure not to leave any space between the rows so that you can't see the styrofoam underneath. I did not glue as I went along. I only glued at the beginning and at the end.

4. Once you reach the top, cut the yarn, leaving a little bit of extra length. Assuming your cones are flat-topped like mine from Dollar Tree were, you'll need to use that extra length of yarn to create somewhat of an artificial pointed tip at the top of the cone. I did this on the first of the three cones. 

yarn Christmas trees gold bottle brush tree

And here it is, the third white wooly tree on the right. 

vinatge ironstone pitcher sugar pine cone taper candles Christmas trees

You can see the 3 wood slices I glued together to create the tree base.

farmhouse chalkboard yarn Christmas trees wood stars

wool trees gold bottle brush tree brass candlesticks white candles

While I do think my final DIY wool Christmas tree looks great compared to the store bought ones, I wasn't totally happy with the top of it since it wasn't quite as pointy. So for the next two trees I tried a different approach. (See below.)

ALTERNATE SUGGESTION: If you're not a whiz at making your own pointy tops, find something you can glue to the top of the cone that looks like a natural pointed tree top that you can continue wrapping your yarn around.

Craft Artisan white styrofoam cone white bottle brush tree

My choice? White bottle brush trees. I got mine 3 for $1.00 at Dollar Tree a few years ago. 

tip of bottle brush tree on foam cone

I found one that matched my styrofoam cone in size (at the top) and cut the pointy top off of it. 

white yarn wrapped around a styrofoam cone

I then glued it to the top of the cone and proceeded to cover the entire cone, top included, with yarn.

If your cone already has a pointed top, you can just wrap the yarn around it until you reach the top, cut it, and then try shoving it in between the top row and second row underneath it, then hot gluing it in place. If it gets a bit messy at the end, no matter which way you choose to finish it, you can always cover this part with your tree topper.  

5. Hot glue the starter end of your gold thread to the underside of the cone, preferably near the spot you hot glued the yarn at the base of the cone. This way, even if there's a lot of dried hot glue when all is said and done, you can just make that side the "back" of the tree. 

6. Carefully wrap the thread around the cone until you reach the top. Then continue wrapping the gold thread all the way back down the tree, criss-crossing as you go back down.

7. Once at the bottom, cut the thread off and secure the end of it to the cone with more hot glue.

8. Place some hot glue into the hole at the bottom of the cone, then insert the stick. Once that glue dries you can hot glue the stick to the wood slice base. Hold that in place until you're sure it's fully dried. (You can also use a drill to create a small hole in the center of the base, then fill the hole with hot glue and insert the stick into it.)  

9. Hot glue the tree topper (in this case a star) onto the tree, and you're finished. 

trio white wool yarn Christmas trees on shelf

three white yarn trees

white yarn trees with wood star tree toppers gold bottle brush tree with flocking

white christmas tree forest

Here on the far left is my DIY white wool yarn Christmas tree number two.

vintage white frame chalk board white trees candles

And all the way on far left is my DIY white yarn Christmas tree number three. I think they all fit in beautifully with the "premade" trees. Overall it turned out to be a stunning Christmas display. 

fluffy white tree gold tree wooden tree white candles

I am super proud of the white wool yarn Christmas trees I made!

I've always been partial to the color white in my decor (I paint almost everything I get my hands on white), so maybe that's why I fell in love with these white, fluffy yarn Christmas trees. They're an inexpensive and fairly easy craft to make (even the kids can do it with adult supervision, of course) and I think they would make great gifts! OR, just keep them for yourself and enjoy. 

Well, that's it for today, friends! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my

  DIY Rustic White Wool Yarn Christmas Tree

 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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three white wool christmas trees

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Becky said...

I absolutely adore your beautiful trees! Thank you so much for the thorough tutorial. Thank you too for stopping to see me at It was so sweet of you to comment!

Donna Allen said...

Your trees look amazing, just as good as the ones you bought! Happy Holidays, Donna

Junkchiccottage said...

I love these trees and have seen them for sale in different shops. They look fun and easy to make. I might make a few of these with my grandgirls next week on Monday. I will have them here with me all day so these might be cute to make. Thanks for the great idea. xoxo

Cara said...

I love these wool trees! Very cute and I just so happen to have some on hand, I may need to give this one a try! Thank you for sharing!

Cindy Rust said...

I love these! You explained the steps so well! Thanks 😊

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