How To Decorate A Vintage Farmhouse Cubby For Fall

October 24, 2022

Today I'm sharing how to decorate a vintage farmhouse cubby for fall.

vintage wooden cubby wall shelf filled with pumpkins fall decor

Vintage farmhouse cubby shelves are not only rustic, they're super versatile -- just sitting there waiting to be filled with your most favorite collections. This year I chose to fill the cubbies with my colorful fall pumpkin collection to help bring some fall feels into the family room.

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wooden farmhouse cubby filled with mini Christmas houses and decorations

Last year around this time I shared my latest farmhouse find -- a vintage-inspired wooden cubby wall shelf I picked up at a local estate sale. Only then it was decorated for Christmas.

I had fun filling the individual cubby shelves with fake snow and lots of mini houses and various Christmas tschotchkes. 

I found it a bit more difficult to decorate for the fall season, but still had fun coming up with a fresh fall vignette idea.

LITTLE SECRET: This fall and Christmas season my usual plethora of projects will be pared down substantially due to a hip that desperately needs to be replaced. The pain has completely affected my mobility and hence, day-to-day life, including blogging projects. It makes me sad not to be able to decorate and create with gusto like I normally do this time of year, but I know in the long run I'll be a happier person once all is said and done.

cubbies filled with pumpkins

Who said fall colors are only orange, red, green, gold and brown? I beg to differ, and my fall cubby is a testament to that!

That being said, I chose to limit the fall cubby display to mostly pumpkins, since that required minimal searching of tubs in the basement for different types of fall decor (all the pumpkins were in relatively the same place). 

Next year I'll probably be more diverse in my choices of individual items since it will be easier to get around. I've mentioned before how many different types of mini pumpkins I own. I think this fall cubby is a testament to that. They're fabric, porcelain, cable knit, velvet, felt, foam, seagrass and there's even more types that I didn't use!

mini velvet pumpkins in wooden cubby shelf

I also added three blue glass votive holders with copper leaves hanging on the front. I got them at Dollar Tree last year and they fit into the cubbies perfectly. I filled them with pumpkin spice votives and the smell was heavenly. I can't decide which type of pumpkins are my favorite. I guess I love them all!  

fall mantel decor

I was thrilled to be able to add to the vignette a recent estate sale find -- a vintage Hinckley & Schmitt water carboy in its own wooden crate, complete with advertising. 

vintage wooden crate glass carboy

It's something I've always wanted -- but never thought I'd get -- due to the price. But this one was very affordable and I grabbed it in an instant. Honestly, I couldn't believe it hadn't been snatched up already. 

5 gallon carboy filled with fall florals

It's a Hinckley & Schmitt 5-gallon water carboy. The company started in Chicago in the late 1800's (they're still a working water delivery company), and based on the phone number I believe it's from somewhere between 1948 and 1950.  

I filled it with some faux hops stems and pampas grass stems to add to the fall feeling.

Hinckley & Schmitt vintage wooden crate Chicago Illinois

While you may not find a vintage cubby in your thrifting travels, you can always get a vintage-inspired one online.

As you can see, they're fun to re-decorate as the seasons and holidays change throughout the year. 

wooden pigeon cubby shelf filled with porcelain and ironstone pieces

So what does it look like most days of the year? It usually looks something like this. Goodness knows I have more than enough vintage ironstone creamers and blue and white porcelain pieces to fill every cubby and thensome!

Who knows what I'll put in there next? What would you put in yours?

Well that's it for today, friends!

I hope you enjoyed reading about 

How To Decorate A Vintage 

Farmhouse Cubby For Fall

and that I've inspired you in some way.

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vintage wooden cubby wall shelf filled with pumpkins fall decor

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Debra@CommonGround said...

this is such a fun versatile piece, Kathleen. love all the little collections and the Christmas churches!

My thrift store addiction said...

Love your fall cubby, Kathleen!

Junkchiccottage said...

Love this sweet cubby and how you decorated it for fall. So cute. xoxo Kris

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