How To Make An Easter Carrot Wreath

March 31, 2023

Today I'm sharing how I created my own version of an Easter carrot "wreath" (more like a decorative swag) using nothing but Dollar Tree craft supplies.  

DIY orange yarn carrot wreath

All it takes is four Dollar Tree craft supplies to start creating this gorgeous Easter carrot wreath.

Floral Garden wire carrot wreath form Dollar Tree

I started with a Floral Garden wire carrot wreath form from Dollar Tree.

orange and green Premier Just Yarn Dollar Tree

I also used the Premier Just Yarn in Persimmon (I call it orange) from Dollar Tree as well. It was 109 yards total and I still had some left over. I thought I might need the green skein but I changed my plan.

packages of Floral Garden Green Picks Dollar Tree

A few months ago I picked up these packages of Floral Garden green picks, knowing I would use them as a topper for my carrot. I thought I would need to attach the picks with floral wire, also from Dollar Tree, but I ended up not needing the wire after all.

Floral Garden burlap ribbon orange pattern

Last but not least I picked up this Floral Garden burlap ribbon with an orange pattern on it to use for a decorative bow. I ended up using the whole thing.

wire carrot wreath form on brown paper and scissors

In order to create a sturdier form to work with, I traced the wire carrot wreath form onto a large brown paper bag.

Trader Joe's paper bag cut into carrot shape

Then I cut out the carrot shape.

orange wire carrot form on paper bag

Then I hot glued the thick paper onto the wire form. This is not especially easy but it's doable. You can also skip this step. 

orange yarn tied in knot on orange wire

I tied the orange yarn onto the top part of the carrot wreath form, just under the carrot topper, with a simple knot. Then I began wrapping the yarn from side to side, all the way down to the bottom of the carrot.

orange yarn carrot hanging from glass door corner china cabinet  m 

The yarn isn't perfectly wrapped but it still looks ok. When I reached the bottom of the form, I wrapped the yarn around the back side and hot glued it there.  

back side of orange yarn wrapped carrot wreath form

One important point: this wire carrot wreath form has some decorative wires that poke out from the form and make it almost 3-D. In order to avoid having to deal with those wires as I wrapped my yarn around the carrot, I chose to make the side with the decorative wire as the back side. It looked liked this when I was done, which was fine because no one will see this side of the carrot. 

orange yarn wrapped carrot wire swag form with green leafy picks on top

Then I inserted six separate green picks directly into the the yarn at the top of the carrot. 

Dollar Tree burlap ribbon with orange stripes

Lastly, I needed a decorative bow to add a little pizzaz. I made a circle with the burlap ribbon (three rings around).

burlap ribbon with twist ties

I then used some twist ties to cinch the ribbon together in the middle. 

orange yarn carrot swag wreath with burlap ribbon bow

I fluffed each individual ring to make it look pretty and then used a separate piece of ribbon to wrap around the middle (hides the twist tie) and created the actual bow and two tails.    

burlap ribbon orange stripe tail

Last but not least I folded the two tails and cut the bottoms of them on an angle to create a "vee," giving it a more finished look. 

DIY Easter carrot swag hanging on vintage shutter

I thought it looked "fancy" enough to hang from my DIY vintage French-inspired repurposed shutter.

living room French decor shutter Easter carrot swag

I added some of my DIY no-sew stuffed burlap carrots to the shutter as well.

DIY burlap Easter gift bag stuffed carrtos

The carrots can be hung like this or placed in a basket or a bowl for display. 

yarn wrapped carrot swag on shutter

I  love the bright pop of orange provided by the yarn as well as the ribbon.

orange carrot wire swag hanging on shutter

Dollar tree wire carrot form swag orange yarn green picks

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It was well worth the few dollars it cost to make. So why not try one?

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about 

How To Make An Easter Carrot Wreath 

and that I've inspired you in some way.

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DIY orange yarn carrot wreath

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Debra@CommonGround said...

super cute, Kathleen! Love that shutter too! Happy Sunday.

Junkchiccottage said...

Really cute Kathleen. Love it on your chippy shutter. Happy Easter. Hugs. Kris

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