Sweet and Savory Fall Pumpkin Charcuterie Board

August 26, 2023

Today I'm sharing how I made my fall pumpkin charcuterie board. And no, it's not a charcuterie board filled with pumpkins! It's a pumpkin-shaped cutting board that I'm using as the base for my fall-themed charcuterie board. Hence the name "pumpkin" charcuterie board. 

fall pumpkin charcuterie board

Stick around for the simple and inexpensive deets so you can create one of your own. (And you'll never guess where I got the pumpkin-shaped cutting board!) 

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$5 Blessed pumpkin shaped cheeseboard set cutting board Dollar Tree find

Confession: this pumpkin-shaped cutting board was in the Dollar Tree Plus aisle. Dollar Tree Plus stores might not have made it to your town yet, but rest assured they will. And as much as I have been a huge proponent of Dollar Tree stores in general, in my opinion the jury's still out on the Plus stores. (They're called Plus because they also sell items for $3 and $5 in addition to the $1.25 items). 

pumpkin shaped wood cheeseboard and matching knife

Hence my reluctance to even walk down the Plus aisle of my local Dollar Tree store. However, it did seem full of seasonal merchandise, so I took a chance. Lucky for me I found this farmhouse pumpkin-shaped cutting board with cheese knife for $5.00! 

You can find a ton of pumpkin-shaped cutting boards on the internet, but I couldn't find one as inexpensive as this one (plus the cheese knife and the word "Blessed" printed on it, which I find very apropos for the fall/Thanksgiving season). You can get this bamboo Autumn cheeseboard set online if you can't find it locally. I first introduced you to it in Dollar Tree Treasures #25: Fall Decor.

You can also find similar pumpkin cutting boards online:

Acacia Cutting Board 

Pumpkin Bamboo Cutting Board

Halloween Pumpkin Wooden Charcuterie Board

Carved Mango Wood Pumpkin Tray

large wooden bread board with pumpkin shaped cheeseboard and matching knife

While it can certainly be displayed on its own, I wanted to create something special - a fun, fall-inspired charcuterie board. So I placed it smack dab in the middle of my largest cutting board (from World Market a few years ago) and got to work.

First, I collected all the goodies for a sweet and savory charcuterie board:

- four types of sliced cheese

- beef stick

- red grapes

- whole grain mustard 

- sliced ciabatta bread 

- sliced green apple

- dried orange slices

- chocolate covered almonds

- crackers 

- cheese straws

Many charcuterie boards splashed across social media have so many items on them that you can't even see the board. That wasn't my goal. I wanted to set out tasty finger food (that we would actually eat in our home) in an appealing way.

DIY white painted wooden riser orange tapers cutting boards dining table

I added my DIY wooden riser and orange twisted rope taper candles (also from World Market) in thrifted brass candlesticks. You can find similar twisted rope taper candles online:

spiral taper candle

orange spiral candlesticks

harvest twist taper candle

mother of pearl flatware orange candles white riser

advertising crock mother of pearl cutlery marigolds Bombay Company creamer

I also filled a DIY vintage-inspired advertising crock with vintage mother of pearl handled silverware.

French paper fall colored leaves charcuterie board display

Next I added paper leaves for decoration, as well as to protect the large cutting board. (I bought them at Williams and Sonoma many years ago.)

marigolds in Bombay Company vase red grapes charcuterie board

vintage James Keiller & Sons Dundee marmalade crock filled with zinnias

Fresh garden flowers never hurt any tablescape! I placed some marigolds in a thrifted vintage Bombay Company creamer and some garden zinnias in a vintage Dundee Marmalade crock.

fall farm flowers bouquet zinnias ironstone pitcher copper pitcher moscow mule mugs

Next up were the decorative pumpkins, orange white and green. Then -- even more flowers, thanks to my thoughtful husband! What a gorgeous fall farm garden bouquet.

chocolate almonds round crackers dried orange slices

First I added some sweet treats to the far end of the board (sweetened dried orange slices and chocolate covered almonds - yum), as well as some orange fall-scented candles.

fresh cheese meats grapes charcuterie board

Now enter the red grapes, sliced cheese, whole grain mustard, sliced summer sausage, a bowl of snack crackers and cheese straws stuffed into a copper Moscow mule mug. Great colors and flavors for the fall season (or any season for that matter!).

sliced summer sausage precut cheese red grapes charcuterie board

rattan bowl filled with ciabatta bread slices

Sliced ciabatta bread sits in a thrifted estate sale basket.

green apple slices on fall dining table

And tart green apples, which always remind me of fall (and go great with cheese and crackers!).

I had fun creating the fall pumpkin charcuterie board, and even more fun eating it! While I chose to use sweet and savory food items, the possibilities really are endless. Have fun with it, and enjoy!

 Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my

Fall "Pumpkin" Charcuterie Board

and that I've inspired you in some way.

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fall pumpkin charcuterie board

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your fall pumpkin and boards post. Really fun to see.

Junkchiccottage said...

The charcuterie boards are so sweet. I love to put one or two out with a party. Our Dollar Trees do have the plus aisles now too. More fun stuff to find at a good price. Have a great week and Happy Labor Day weekend. Hugs. Kris

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