How To Style A Cloche For Winter

January 5, 2024

Have you ever seen something fabulous in a magazine, a blog post, or on Pinterest and thought, "I wish I had that in my home" (like a beautiful glass cloche styled for winter) -- and then went on to convince yourself it was just too expensive? Yes, I've done that. But I've also done something else, something better. 

glass cloche filled with fairy lights under chandelier

I keep a file of home decor ideas that I love, and I try to recreate them for a fraction of the cost. Today I'm sharing one example of how I did it, hoping to inspire you to do the same.

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romantic glass cloches filled with pine cones ornaments and fairy lights

I fell in love with this vignette as soon as I saw it, so I took a screen shot and printed it out. Yes, I keep a physical file of potential DIY home decor projects. This one was perfect because Christmas wasn't far off and I thought it would make a great Christmas decor display, as well as a lovely all-winter display after the Christmas holiday.

The advertisement was actually for the candle holders (antique hand-forged iron taper holder), yet that's not what caught my attention. It was the glass cloche filled with pine cones and fairy lights. I also loved the spiral taper candles.

Turns out I already had a glass cloche, some large sugar pine cones, fairy lights and spiral taper candles (links for similar products are provided at the end of this post for your convenience). So I got to work.

French side table wicker tray basket glass cloche fairy lights

And voila! Christmas and winter magic! This view includes our gorgeous bird cage chandelier we installed during our dining room renovation.

glass cloche in basket with lambs ear garland spiral candle

I also like to put my own spin on these DIY copycat challenge projects. For example, while I didn't have an ornate riser to use as the cloche base, I did have a large basket tray with handles that I knew would add great texture to the vignette and ground the entire display.

brown spiral candle on thrifted brass candlestick

I added spiral taper candles to either side of the vignette, placing them in vintage thrifted brass candlesticks wrapped in pink frayed velvet ribbon.

romantic French dining room decor

I placed the basket tray on a thrifted French side table under my gorgeous thrifted Windsor mirror and promptly fell in love. 

gold Windsor mirror with large boxwood wreath and velvet ribbon

Boxwood wreaths are my favorite go-to's, all year long.

rustic French farmhouse table with intricate details

I tried stripping the yellow-ish paint and laminate top from this fabulous French farmhouse side table many years ago. However, it fought me every step of the way -- so I finally gave up and left it looking, well, quite rustic. And I actually love it this way.   

lambs ear garland entwined with gold leaf garland in basket

I laced a gold leaf garland through the lamb's ear garland for some holiday glam.

two garlands entwined bokeh Christmas lights

French table chair rail Windsor mirror glass cloche spiral candles

I was thrilled with how the glass cloche styled for winter turned out!

Winter Cloche Resource List

chandelier crystals gold mirror bokeh fairy lights glass cloche

Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about 
How To Style A Glass Cloche For Winter
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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glass cloche filled with fairy lights under chandelier

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Carol said...

Very pretty table and cloche. I don't usually decorate my home like this, but something small like this I would enjoy. Thanks for the inspiration.

My thrift store addiction said...

Kathleen, your winter cloche and vignettes are lovely!

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