DIY Floral Decoupage Bunny and Easter Coffee Table Decor

March 1, 2024

DIY Easter decor doesn't have to be expensive or difficult to make. While I've scaled back tremendously on my Easter decorating, I'd still like to have at least some evidence of the upcoming Easter holiday in my decor.   

DIY floral bunny Easter decor

One way to do that is by putting together an understated coffee table vignette with a colorful DIY decoupaged Easter bunny. Stick around to see how I made both.

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   crafting supplies decoupage floral bunny


Before we get started I have to say that I've laid bare my DIY napkin decoupage method in no less than FOUR different blog posts already. I've shared SO MANY general tips and tricks throughout those posts that I urge you to check them out before starting the DIY Floral Decoupage Bunny:  

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tabletop wooden bunny coated in white paint

1. Paint the wooden bunny - front, sides and back - with white craft paint. The white paint helps make the colors of your floral napkin really pop.

two-ply square floral cocktail napkin

2. Most napkins have either two or three layers. This napkin had two layers. I used both layers despite the fact that some people say you should only use the single, thin (and flimsy) printed layer. 

I tend to favor using the printed layer and one of the white layers because in my experience it makes the napkin a bit sturdier and easier to work with, and there's less chance of ripping it.  

cut out napkin flowers

3. Cut out the flowers. 

white painted bunny covered in floral napkin decoupage

Using your flat-edged paint brush, apply Mod Podge to the section of the bunny you're working on, then apply your piece of napkin to that area. Paint over the napkin with one last touch of Mod Podge as insurance, smoothing out any wrinkles as you go. (I like to cover the work area with wax paper since it's less likely to get sticky from the Mod Podge than regular paper.)

wooden bunny covered in flowers

Continue with more napkin pieces until you've covered the entire bunny. Don't worry if the napkin rips, you can always start again with another piece of napkin!

5. If the napkin hangs over the edges you can use your emery board or sandpaper to smooth those edges out.
6. Some people go back and cover the entire thing with another coat of Mod Podge for good measure OR spray on some Mod Podge Ultra Gloss Spray On Glue And Sealer. Since my bunny isn't going to get manhandled too much I skipped this step.  

cute floral bunny velvet ribbon pink candle

7. Once the Mod Podge is dry you can add a pretty velvet ribbon around the neck, as well as any other decorative element you think will enhance the look, i.e., some cotton for a tail.  

Now on to the next part: styling the decoupage bunny on the living room coffee table! 

round rattan tray with handles

When styling our coffee table, I often fall back on this rather large, thrifted round rattan tray. Using a tray is always a good idea for corralling the decor on your coffee table.  

round rattan tray filled with seagrass placemats

Once you have a tray you can begin layering your decor. Since my tray is rather deep, I usually insert a few round rattan placemats to give my items a lift.

Then you can start adding various decor items to see how they look when paired with your DIY decoupage Easter bunny. Don't be afraid to experiment!

embroidered floral bunny shape pillow

My inspiration for the vignette was this adorable embroidered Easter bunny pillow. I found it at Wal-Mart for $9.98! If you're interested in getting one I would run, not walk because I predict they will fly off the shelf!

If you can't get one from Wal-Mart, you can order one of two embroidered bunny pillows from Amazon:

old books on wicker tray

For my Easter coffee table display I started with a few vintage deconstructed books (another hack for giving the vignette some height).

floral bunny Dundee Marmalade crock wood bunny on pedestal

Then I added:

1. a wooden bunny on metal stand
2. DIY floral decoupage bunny
3. vintage Dundee Marmalade crock filled with faux greens
4. pink milk glass votive candle

floral decoupaged tabletop bunny velvet ribbon

pink votive candle holder vintage Dundee crock bunnies

pink milk glass votive holder floral bunny

You don't have to go big to establish a spring/Easter vibe in your home. I'm thrilled with my understated, subtle Easter coffee table decor. Do you do Easter?

Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my
DIY Floral Decoupage Bunny
and Easter Coffee Table Decor
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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DIY floral bunny Easter decor

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Christie's Mobile Home Diary said...

Your little diy bunny is so cute Kathleen!

Ann said...

I love your floral bunny and he looks perfect on your coffee table, Kathleen.

Junkchiccottage said...

Very cute Kathleen. Some of the napkins have such pretty patterns and using the Hodge Podge is a great idea. Happy Wednesday. Kris

Rita C at Panoply said...

ADorable, Kathleen, both your decoupaged bunny and that pillow! I like how you stacked your placemats in that wicker tray too. They are often uneven anyway, and that lift makes it more stable.

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