Thrill of the Hunt #141

February 12, 2024

Welcome, friends, to another fun-filled Thrill of the Hunt post where I share my latest thrifty (and usually) vintage finds with you.


I also share how I use and style the finds in my home. I hope that by sharing my thrifty finds I can motivate and inspire you to explore your own local thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets, barn sales and clearance aisles in the hopes of making your own fabulous finds for yourself. So let's get started.

Nantucket lightship basket fille with gourds

I found this Nantucket Lightship Basket at Goodwill for only $1.99. A lightship was essentially a floating lighthouse established by the U.S government in the 1920's, starting in Nantucket around 1849.

According to the Nantucket Historical Association:

"There are four distinctive elements that define a Nantucket lightship basket. The basket is woven on a mold; the staves are made of rattan; the weavers are of cane; and the basket has a solid wood base. 

Baskets with these characteristics developed on Nantucket during the course of the nineteenth century. 

When well made, they were robust and practical as storage and carrying baskets and were in wide use in the island’s stores, workshops, and homes. As the island transitioned from a whaling economy to a tourist economy in the 1860s and after, the island’s work baskets became popular keepsakes of an island visit."  

I believe my basket fits this description!

Nantucket lightship basket handle

There's even a Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

I love the fold over basket handle feature.

Goodwill price tag on bottom of Nantucket Lightship basket

And for $1.99 the price could not be beat. I've used mine for decor as well as for practical things like storage. (It's currently on the kitchen counter, stylishly storing our two dog's daily medications!)

floral lidded porcelain vegetable bowl

I have always been drawn to delicate porcelain lidded vegetable bowls. Especially ones with romantic floral patterns on them like this one. I found it at Goodwill. 

Wm Guerin Limoges France makers mark

I also have a soft spot for French porcelain in particular. This bowl's maker's mark says "Wm. Guerin & Co. France Limoges." Limoges is a city in southwest-central France that's known for its decorated porcelain.

floral porcelain vegetable bowl

I don't know the name of this floral pattern but I love it. Gilding is always an added bonus. And for less than $5.00 it was totally worth it to add to my collection.

berry napkin rings

I found the next two Christmas decor finds at our local village church rummage sale. First, I got three boxes of (12 total) berry napkin rings for $6.00. They were brand new in the original boxes.

I pick these up whenever I see them because I like to use them as candle holder "wreaths."

gold Christmas tree candle holder with berry wreath

I've since used them on various candle holders throughout the house for the holidays, and I think they look quite elegant and festive. And I can still use them as napkin rings when the mood strikes.

Dollar Tree gold Christmas tree candle holder

I previously shared this gorgeous gold Christmas tree candle holder in Dollar Tree Treasures #27

vintage porcelain Christmas elf figurine

At the same time I grabbed a bag filled with this adorable vintage porcelain Christmas elf as well as a small porcelain sleigh and a roll of some vintage glitter tape.

roll of vintage gold glitter tape

Needless to say the tape isn't sticky anymore. 

vintage porcelain elf red shoes

Isn't he adorable? I paid 50 cents for all three! I love how this vintage elf is just casually lounging around without a care in the world. It reminds me of something my mom would have had around the house during the holidays as I was growing up. I love finding nostalgic things like this that stir up fond memories, especially memories of my mom.

Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about 
Thrill of the Hunt #141
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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Rita C at Panoply said...

Nice finds! Funny, I picked up some candle ring wreaths once, and use them for napkin rings. 😊

Junkchiccottage said...

Kathleen I think I am going to have to make a trip up to your Goodwill. You find the best stuff. Happy Valentines Day. Hugs. Kris

Colo Junkett said...

Wonderful treasures you found, Kathleen. Love the Christmas elf.

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