DIY Beaded Farmhouse Risers

June 2, 2024

It's funny how you can own a piece of home decor for a while before you have an epiphany about it. That's what happened with me and two different Dollar Tree wood bead trays. Initially they were just that -- two wood bead trays. But eventually I saw their potential as something more.

ironstone pitcher filled with copper and wooden spoons

It's been a while since I created a farmhouse DIY. This one is super simple so let's get started!

DIY square wood bead riser vintage book flower pot candle

Wood bead trays and risers have been a farmhouse decor staple for quite some time now. You can see my square wood bead riser made from Dollar Tree supplies that I shared in DIY Distressed Wooden Riser With Beaded Trim.

pink vase filled with ranunculus on wooden riser

I also created a Round Wood Riser from scratch, also using Dollar Tree supplies. 

wood stained round wood bead tray

As a fan of rustic trays I was thrilled to find these round stained wood bead trays at Dollar Tree some time last year. 

stained wood oval tray

Then on another trip to Dollar Tree I found these oval stained wood bead trays.  

Fair Winds teapot on wooden tray

I used them both to display various home decor items, like this beautiful transferware teapot displayed on the oval beaded tray.  

chinoiserie jars on wooden tray risers

I also used the round beaded trays to create an Ornate Plate Pedestal Riser (without permanently attaching them to the pedestals). 

package of wooden mini flower pots

Then one day while looking through my crafting stash I came across a bag of wooden "mini flower pots" from Dollar Tree. I used these "pots" as feet for my DIY round riser . . . . so why not use them to create feet for my latest wood bead trays?

painted wooden flower pots

I was going to stain the mini flower pots like I painted them for the Round Wood Riser as seen above. 

Then I realized that I actually liked the contrast between the unstained mini flower pot feet and the darkly stained wood bead trays. So I glued the mini flower pots onto the bottom of the trays with clear E6000 glue. I glued four mini garden pot "feet" onto the oval trays and three "feet" onto the round trays.

round wood bead tray with Fair Winds tea cup and saucer

And I couldn't have been happier with the result.

copper and wooden spoons in vintage ironstone pitcher on round beaded riser

I think adding the feet elevated the overall look of the wood bead tray.  

dining room table display chinoiserie wood bead risers

Staged together on the dining room table they create a cohesive look for my chinoiserie display.

chinoiserie pot and chinoiserie ginger jar on wood bead risers

The wood trays definitely add texture to the vignette, along with the neutral, rustic table runner. The beautiful gold candle holder was shared in Elegant Gold Leaf-Embellished Candle Holders. 

dining room table display chinoiserie wood bead risers

I am certainly not lacking in farmhouse wood bead trays now! But that's ok, because I'll always have plenty of treasures to display on them!

Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about 
DIY Beaded Farmhouse Risers 
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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ironstone pitcher filled with copper and wooden spoons

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