Vintage Fireplace Screen and Tools: Thrifted vs. Styled #147

June 29, 2024

After waiting years to find the perfect vintage fireplace screen and tools to display with my faux fireplace in the primary bedroom, I finally found them on Facebook Marketplace. 


The set is different than any I've ever seen, with a fireplace screen that's quite unique. And the price was right!

vintage antique fireplace screen and andirons

I took a few pictures of the fireplace set in my garage before bringing it into the house. I thought I screenshotted the listing picture but unfortunately I didn't, so I don't have that one to share. 

The entire set cost me $30. I watched the listing for a few days and finally bit the bullet and bought it. The owner said it was taken from a house in the Chicago suburbs that was built in the 1930's.

hammered brass vintage fireplace tools

The fireplace tools were a bonus as I was really only looking for a vintage fireplace screen. The tools appear to be hammered brass. The fireplace tool set includes a shovel, a poker, some tongs and a brush -- all nicely corralled on a metal stand.

vintage hammered antique brass fireplace andirons

The andirons also appear to be hammered brass. Andirons, shown here inserted into the openings on each side of the fireplace screen, are used to support the burning logs behind the screen. 

metal wreath applique on fireplace screen

My absolute favorite thing about the fireplace set is this unique, French-style metal wreath attached to the fireplace screen. I've never seen any fireplace screen like it. The bow reminds me of a Louis XVI piece from the 1800's. Most, if not all, of the vintage fireplace screens I found online that had appliques like this wreath were French.  

romantic bedroom mantel with vintage fireplace screen

Thus far I've placed just the fireplace screen in front of the DIY faux fireplace in the primary bedroom.

faux fireplace hearth with screen and birch logs

I've not added the fireplace tools and andirons into the vignette mainly due to space limitations. In other words, I don't need them sticking out in front of the fireplace, lying in wait for me to stub my toes on them!  

vintage fireplace screen wreath accent white birch logs

Also, from a practical standpoint, there won't be any fires here since it's a faux fireplace!

faux fireplace with tall basket filled with white birch

Currently, the fireplace mantel is decorated for spring/summer.

vintage gold mirrors on mantel with pink peony

The gold mirrors add to the vintage romantic vibe I was going for.

wooden cathedral arches gold-filled candle sconce over mantel

These wooden cathedral arches are a mainstay on this mantel in all seasons. And the vintage gold leaf candle sconce is a real favorite of mine. Hopefully I'll be sharing all about it soon. 

vintage white candelabra gold candles white girl bust

I shared the vintage-inspired child bust in Louise and Alexander Brongniart Child Busts: Thrifted vs Styled #144, and the candelabra was revealed in Thrift Store Candelabra Transformation.

thrifted white faux fireplace mantel

I still can't get over the wreath adornment on the vintage fireplace screen. At the top corners on either side of the screen are hooks, which I presume can be used for hanging two of the fireplace tools. I could also see hanging Christmas stockings on them!

I have to admit that I've thought about painting the screen white or gold (like the really pretty French ones!) but time will tell. Right now I'm leaving it as is. 

And eventually, when we do have a wood burning fireplace, hopefully this vintage fireplace screen and tools will be put to good use!

Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you've enjoyed reading about my
Vintage Fireplace Screen and Tools:
Thrifted vs. Styled #147
and that I've inspired you in some way.  

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