Thrill of the Hunt #98

February 28, 2020

ironstone soup tureen lid ladle

Welcome, friends, to another fun-filled Thrill of the Hunt post where I share my latest thrifty (and mostly) vintage finds with you. I'm excited to get started so here goes!

More Brass Candlesticks

brass candlestick silver candlestick mantel decor electric taper candles

In Thrill of the Hunt #97 I announced that a new collection was in the works: brass candlesticks. I also wondered if I would be able to find more of them for less than $1.99 each. And the answer to that is yes! I quickly found this set of four (front row) at Goodwill for 99 cents each. A few days later, as for the back row, the brass candlestick on the far left was $1.99, the two tarnished silver ones were 99 cents each and the shortest brass one was 50 cents. I decided that vintage and tarnished silver candlesticks were also a nice addition to the collection, so I won't rule them out in the future. 

brass candlestick handle wooden farmhouse beads

The same day I found that cheap set of four brass candlesticks at Goodwill I also picked up this brass candlestick with a handle for 50 cents. I do think I've got enough for now, but at least I know that I can pick up more if need be for very little money.

vintage Santa mug hot cocoa retro Christmas decor

I was very surprised to find this vintage Santa mug at Goodwill for 99 cents. I felt like the thrifting gods were smiling upon me since this past Christmas I decided that I wanted to collect them!

vintage Santa mug box collectible

I especially love it when I can find them in their original boxes!

Santa mug box sticker World Bazaars Inc.

Here's the sticker on the bottom of the box. Unfortunately, it didn't give me a lot to go on.

vintage Santa mug red lips holly decoration

I did some research to find out the age of this one but I came up empty handed. Interestingly, there are a ton of slight variations out there when it comes to vintage Santa mugs so the potential field of finds is huge. Guess that means my collection will inevitably continue to grow:) 

ironstone soup tureen bowl lid ladle

This find is definitely near and dear to my heart. I am a huge ironstone fan as well as a collector. I currently have more than 10 vintage ironstone soup tureens of all sizes.

china soup bowl lid ladle

Not all of them still have their ladles but luckily this one does. Unfortunately, the plate that came with it was missing. But that's okay. Many of my vintage tureens did not come with plates. 

California Classic box soup tureen price tag

I picked it up at a thrift shop a few years ago and somehow it got packed away and put in the basement. I recently found it and was thrilled when I did. Most of my tureens were purchased for just a few dollars (especially the smaller ones) so I was surprised to find that I actually paid $10 for this one. After some online searching I found very similar ones for sale online for upwards of $50.00.

vintage Chicago Marshall Field's receipt

The gift receipt was still taped to the inside of the box, with a purchase date of June 6, 1992 -- making it 28 years old. Not as old as my other other tureens, but vintage just the same. I'd bet it was a wedding gift! It's always fun to find out the provenance of the stuff we pick up at thrift stores and estate sales.

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading Thrill of the Hunt #98.

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ironstone soup tureen lid ladle

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Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Great finds, Kathleen! I'll bet they never even used that pretty tureen!

Pink Peony said...

Regarding your Santa mug, World Bazaar was a chain of stores, back in the 70's and 80's, primarily in malls. I remember my mom shopping there.

My thrift store addiction said...

What a lovely soup tureen! Great find!

Junkchiccottage said...

You found some great finds. How fun the Tureen was from Marshall Fields. That alone is so great. Love the Santa mug too. Have a great week.

Kathy said...

If your Santa mug box does not have a UPC on it, it is probably pre-1982 when UPCsstarted. Years ago, I used a similar mug for my toothbrushes, a small Santa dish for a soap dish, etc. when I had a Santa vibe going in the bathroom. Love the tureen; they are great for soup or stew but also make a great base for a large floral arrangement or moss base for a tiny garden. The candlesticks will be so pretty grouped--especially with white or holiday colored candles.

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